A number of players have accepted match bans for their rough conduct during Round 13, while Fremantle and Geelong have players facing the Tribunal with the hope of having their charges reduced, if not dismissed completely. Read on for more details:

Players to face the Tribunal

Ryan Crowley was offered a $900 fine for pinching Kangaroo Brent Harvey. He will challenge this at the Tribunal, with a possibility the fine will increase to $1200 if his appeal is unsuccessful.

Steve Johnson will head to the Tribunal on Tuesday to contest his two match ban for his heavy bump on Lion Pearce Hanley. The MRP deemed the bump as negligent conduct, medium impact and high contact. This incident, when added to his demerit points accrued during the NAB Cup, brings his total over the threshold, increasing the likelihood he will miss two games if unsuccessful with his appeal.

Penalties accepted

West Coast
Andrew Embley – Suspended for one match

Jake Spencer – Suspended for three matches for head-high frontal contact with Saint Ben McEvoy, which resulted in McEvoy experiencing concussion.

St Kilda
Tom Simpkin – Suspended for two matches for a fist to jaw incident involving Demon Chris Dawes.

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