I have been an Essendon supporter for nearly three decades now, and unlike most other footy fans I can honestly say that I have never harboured resentful opinions toward my club of choice. Not once. And that sentiment has not changed with the board’s decision to conclude Kevin Sheedy’s tenure after 27 years. I am an Essendon devotee and always will be. I will forever deserve to be called a true supporter of the club. To those self-righteous, pathetic individuals associated with a website I refuse to name, you know who I mean, I say get a grip, build a bridge and buy some mirrors – you all need to have a good hard look at yourselves.

As far as barracking for a team goes, things could be a lot worse than following the Dons. The very thought of a powerhouse and iconic franchise like Essendon needing to be saved makes those that follow the fortunes of other teams laugh out loud. There is no doubting that the Bombers have been one of the most stable entities of the national competition. Kevin Sheedy has significantly helped ensure that this has been the case throughout his red and black era. As Essendon followers, we are lucky to have enjoyed the services of Sheeds for as long as we did. He helped make our club great, and our club helped make him great.

The audacity of these e-morons astounds me, and it seems nothing attracts ignorance like a big bunch of idiots. If you are reading this having already registered your support for this rabble of try-hard cowboys then I hope your own blind stubbornness does drive you to another team, because as a football patron you are currently of the lowest form. We don’t need you and we certainly don’t want you.

This website makes the outlandish claim that reads as follows. “We trust that wholehearted endorsement by the members and supporters alike, will lead to the furtherance of Kevin Sheedy’s tenure.” I quote ‘The Castle’ in saying “tell him he’s dreaming.” What are they seriously hoping to achieve? Thrusting a legend of our beloved sport into a role at a segregated club that has been divided over debate surrounding his very position is unfair on many levels.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved Sheedy to have coached Essendon for another 27 years, but that was never going to happen. I am enraged that somebody had the nerve to imply that my great team, my dearly loved football club requires saving. Furthermore, the preposterous claims of mandatory salvation did not even come from some gathering of rivaled Collingwood followers, but from a desperate, “self-agenda-ed”, short-sighted clan of rogue so-called Bombers fans. I am glad that this ugly blip on the radar is fading, so that the Essendon Football Club can move forward, and go about the business of finding the best replacement for the best coach I have ever seen.