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Nathan Lovett-Murray – How many weeks?

Lovett-Murray took a couple of screamers in Saturday nights Dreamtime at the ‘G blockbuster. However a late head-high bump on Pettifer could see him spend some time on the sidelines. How many weeks do you think Lovett-Murray will spend on the sidelines or do you think he will get off? Are the AFL to strict on accidental head high bumps? Discuss it here!

Jarrad Waite – ACL?

Carlton’s horrible game against Adelaide on Saturday could be overlooked this week with what looks like a serious knee injury to Jarrad Waite. All reports coming out of the media and the club suggest its an ACL, scans on Sunday will reveal how serious the injury is. How do you think Waite’s injury will effect Carlton if he misses the rest of 2009? Discuss it here!

Robin Nahas

Taken by Richmond in the 2008 Rookie Draft the 21-year-old has impressed many with his ability to be able to adapt at AFL level after playing in the VFL for years before hand. He was often overlooked due to his size but has the risk the Tigers made paid off? Discuss it here!

Motlop’s a Freak

View and discuss the recent footage showcasing the skills of Port Adelaide star Daniel Motlop. The footage is simply breathtaking and Fox Sports assure us it has not been doctored. Discuss it here!

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