As the AFL gears up to host eighteen matches in eighteen days, the Hawks take on the Lions in Game Two of the NAB Challenge this Thursday night at Etihad Stadium. Both teams are taking the opportunity to introduce a number of new players to their team, as new coach Justin Leppitsch steps out to lead the Lion pack.

Among the Lion’s recruits expected to play is their round one draft-pick James Aish as well as Jordon Bourke, Michael Close, Jack Crisp and Marco Paparone.

The Hawks have named upcomers Jonathon Ceglar, Mitch Hallahan, Billy Hartung, Will Langford, Angus Litherland and Tim O’Brien in it’s lineup. Matt Suckling and Alex Woodward are also welcome inclusions after tearing their ACLs last season.

Of the 29-player squads, three from each team with be omitted and the subs will be named before the match. In the NAB Challenge, teams are given the chance to change their subs at half time.

Here are the teams:

2. Jarryd Roughead
3. Jordan Lewis
4. Matt Suckling
5. Sam Mitchell
7. Ben McEvoy
8. Taylor Duryea
9. Shaun Burgoyne
10. Bradley Hill
13. Kyle Cheney
16. Isaac Smith
18. Jonothon Ceglar
19. Jack Gunston
20. David Hale
21. Ben Ross
22. Luke Breust
23. Tim O’Brien
26. Liam Shiels
28. Paul Puopolo
29. Will Langford
30. Luke Lowden
31. Angus Litherland
32 Jonathan Simpkin
33. Cyril Rioli
35. Sam Grimley
36. Derick Wanganeen
38. Mitch Hallahan
39. Alex Woodward
40. Billy Hartung
46. Kurt Heatherley

Brisbane Lions
2. Ryan Harwood
4. James Aish
5. Jack Crisp
6. Josh Green
8. Rohan Bewick
13. Trent West
15. Dayne Zorko
18. Nicholas Robertson
19. Jordan Lisle
22. Marco Paparone
25. Daniel McStay
26. Tom Cutler
29. Andrew Raines
31. James Polkinghorne
32. Sam Mayes
33. Michael Close
34. Jonathan Freeman
35. Ryan Lester
36. Matt Maguire
37. Patrick Wearden
38. Tom Rockliff
40. Isaac Conway
41. Mitch Golby
42. Justin Clarke
43. Nicholas Hayes
44. Archie Smith
45. Jordon Bourke
46. Sam Michael
47. Zachary O’Brien

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