Is it just me or is this guy hard to take seriously? I don’t mean that in a bad way it is just that I have been listening to him on radio for years and watching him on the Footy Show and he always comes across as the “The Funny Guy”.

Brayshaw has the North Melbourne Football Club faithful in the palm of his hand and listening to every word he says. Move over Wayne Carey and Glenn Archer a new “GOD” has arrived.

While the AFL is as keen as mustard to push the brand into South East Queensland it will not be with the Kangaroos, and I, like most other Melbourne based football fans anyway, are pleased they have made this decision. But can Brayshaw deliver on his promises ?

The AFL acted like a vulture, they saw vulnerable prey and swooped. The kangaroos are in a very vulnerable position and I reckon the AFL saw that and thought, right here is our chance let’s go !

What I don’t think they fully understand what this club means to a lot of people, with 138 years of tradition here in Melbourne and as Glenn Archer said “Probably the most passionate supporters in the league”. A team that fought for 30 years to get into the VFL and then waited another 50 to win their first premiership. You can’t beat “People Power”

It must have been a very tempting offer for the Roos but the AFL couldn’t really expect any other decision could they ? I mean they haven’t even completed a deal to secure a stadium !

The North Melbourne Football Club’s board will obviously be vacated by those who do not share Brayshaw’s optimism and rightly so. Here are some key points in his plan:

* 4 people prepared to lend $2 million each over 10 Years
* This will increase to 5 people and $10 million by 2009
* Invest that money to pay of over $4 million in deb
* New sponsor to be announced in 2 days to replace Primus
* Development of Arden Street to go ahead, bringing with lucrative naming rights

Tough Road Ahead

Given that the AFL’s funding is keeping the Roods heads above the water at the moment it is going to be a very tough road ahead for the Brayshaw led board. This funding will cease at the end of 2009. Now is the time for all the Kangaroo faithful to dig deep and buy memberships and do their bit to help, the new Kangaroo board has taken a very big risk in this decision and lets hope they pull through.

Now for a 17th Team?

Now begs the question will the AFL now introduce a 17th license for another club ? To get this over the line the league must have 2/3rds of the clubs pass this decision.

Written by Daniel