In 2007 we believe its about time the PAFC should wear the famous black and white heritage guernsey from the 1970’s. We believe the club should make every effort possible to ensure the AFL accepts the bid as they have not done in the past. Because of this the Outer Army has created a petition for EVERYONE who shares this view no matter where they live or which team they support.

Everybody is welcome to print this petition and collect signatures themselves and we ask that you post it back to Outer Army P.O Box Findon SA 5025 or give it to any one of the Outer Army Committee members. There is 44 spaces on each page however if you can not fill that amount we ask that you send it back anyway so we can try and fill in the remaining spaces.
This petition has been made and run by the Outer Army Inc. and
The document below has included in it has a picture on the other side and we ask you to print it off as a double sided document or if you would like to put a petition in a shopping centre or anything you could print it off as a 2 page document and put both on the front counter.

Heritage Round Petition

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