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Round 9 Injuries

Round 9 Injuries
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Written by AFL Online on 21st May 2008

Another round passes us by and the injury lists lengthen. Nick Malceski and Mark McVeigh were two of the big name players who successfully returned the the football field after spending time on the sidelines.

Unfortunately injuries have this week cut short the careers of Melbourne champion David Neitz and Fremantle’s Matthew Carr who both retired during the week.

St Kilda’s Fraser Gherig has joined the long term injury list at St Kilda after struggling with arthritis in his hand.

Irishman Tadhg Kennelly is set to miss a week after dislocating his knee, scans revealed no other damage to the swans relief.

Richard Douglas (knee) test
Kris Massie (hamstring) test
Brent Reilly (wrist) test
Greg Gallman (knee) 2 weeks
Brad Symes (ankle) 2-3
Myke Cook (hamstring) 3
Brad Moran (hamstring) 4
Rhett Biglands (knee) season

Patrick Garner (hamstring) available
Wayde Mills (knee) available
Matthew Tyler (back/ham) test
Nigel Lappin (achilles) 2
Sam Sheldon (groin) 2-3
Colm Begley (quad) 3-4
Pearce Hanley (hamstring) 4-6
Matthew Moody (groin) indefinite

Luke Blackwell (thigh) test
Adam Hartlett (hamstring) test
Jason Saddington (hamstring) test
Jordan Bannister (hamstring) 1
Cameron Cloke (wrist) 1
Ryan Jackson (hand) 1
Bret Thornton (knee) 1-2
Michael Jamison (shoulder) 2-4
Andrew Walker (shoulder) 5
Ryan Houlihan (hip) indefinite

Brodie Holland (achilles) test
John McCarthy (calf) test
Josh Fraser (knee) test
Alan Toovey (shoulder) 1-2
Simon Prestigiacomo (foot) 3-4
Sean Rusling (shoulder) season
Brad Dick (knee) season

Jobe Watson (back) test
Damien Peverill (jaw) 1-2
Scott Gumbleton (knee) 1-2
Scott Lucas (knee) 1-2
Heath Hocking (groin) 3-5
Courtenay Dempsey (leg) 4-6
Andrew Lee (shoulder) indefinite
Alwyn Davey (knee) season

Andrew Browne (hamstring) test
Antoni Grover (quad) test
Roger Hayden (lung) 3-5
Luke Pratt (ankle) 4
Luke Webster (knee) 4
Des Headland (knee) 8
Paul Hasleby (knee) season

Brad Ottens (foot) 1
Scott Simpson (knee) 2
Matthew Egan (foot) season

Max Bailey (knee) TBC
Tim Boyle (hip) test
Travis Tuck (knee) test
Luke Hodge (hamstring) 2
Brent Guerra (hamstring) 3-4
Cameron Stokes (hamstring) 3-4
Beau Muston (knee) season

Michael Newton (knee) test
Jared Rivers (hip) test
Colin Sylvia (hamstring) test
Nathan Carroll (hamstring) 1
Paul Wheatley (calf) 1
Ricky Petterd (groin) 3-4
Jack Grimes (back) indefinite
David Neitz (neck) retired

Daniel Wells (knee) test
Daniel Pratt (groin) test
Levi Greenwood (groin) 2
Jesse Smith (hamstring) 4
Andrew Swallow (ankle) 4
Lachlan Hansen (knee) 4
Alan Obst (lung) 4
Aaron Edwards (leg) 7-8
Robbie Tarrant (shoulder) 8
Leigh Adams (knee) season
Nathan Grima (knee) season

Chad Cornes (finger) test
Nathan Krakouer (knee) test
Matt Thomas (foot) 1
Mitch Farmer (groin) 2
Matthew Westhoff (foot) 2-3

Andrew Raines (knee) test
Travis Casserly (hamstring) 1
Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls (arm) 1
MCoughlan (hamstring) indefinite

Steven Baker (knee) test
Nick Riewoldt (knee) test
Luke Miles (leg) 1
Xavier Clarke (hamstring) 2
Glenn Chivers (foot) 2-4
Sam Gilbert (shoulder) 2-4
Jayden Attard (knee) 4-6
Matt Maguire (foot) season
Luke van Rheenen (foot) season

Heath Grundy (foot) test
Ed Barlow (hamstring) test
Tadhg Kennelly (knee) 1-2
Pat Veszpremi (groin) 1-2
Matthew Laidlaw (hamstring) 2
Brett Meredith (shoulder) 2-3
Barry Hall (wrist) 3
Daniel O’Keefe (groin) indefinite
Kristin Thornton (knee) season

Mark LeCras (groin) 1
Beau Waters (groin) 1
Ashley Hansen (hamstring) test
Jamie McNamara (thigh) test
Shannon Hurn (fibula) 2-3
Adam Hunter (knee) 4-5
Chad Jones (ankle) 4-5
Mitchell Brown (knee) season

Scott West (knee) 2
Shaun Higgins (ankle) 9