Eagle Will Schofield has been served with a two match ban for what was found by the Match Review Panel to be an intentional, level three striking charge on Tiger Jack Riewoldt. Schofield is unable to appeal this punishment.

Saint Leigh Montagna has received a two match ban for an incident on Saturday night that involved Demon James Magner. Due to his history of reports, there is no chance of this suspension being reduced.

Crow Taylor Walker has been reprimanded and given 93.75 points against his name for making forceful contact with Jacob Surjan of Port Adelaide over the weekend. Walker slid feet first into Surjan on Sunday afternoon. It is the second time this year that Surjan has been on the receiving end of this type of contact. Swan Adam Goodes received a one week ban for a feet-foot slide in Surjan in round 3.

Sun Kyal Horsley made negligent contact with umpire Heath Ryan during the game on Saturday and has received a $900 fine for the incident.

Bulldog Patrick Veszpremiā€™s misconduct charge involving Giant Tom Bugg on Saturday afternoon has cost him a reprimand and 93.75 points.