It’s been the most exciting day one of trade week in history which sees 7 deals done on the first day alone. None of the ‘big’ trades have been completed but leaves a lot for the 4 remaining days of trade week.

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It’s been a quiet day for the Crows and it’ll probably remain that way. Adelaide stated today that they’re happy with their current list and that they don’t expect to play a big role during trade week.

The Lions have been the biggest players in trade week so far. They’ve already been apart of two official trades which sees them pickup Andrew Raines from the Tigers in exchange for their third round draft pick, #44 overall.

They were also apart of a three way deal with the Eagles & Swans in which they received Brent Staker from West Coast, Amon Buchanan from Sydney and a round three draft pick (No.39) also from the Eagles. They lost Bradd Dalziell to the Eagles and a round two draft pick (No.28) to the Swans.

Despite being a big part of day one Voss hinted that there’s more to come. “We’re still out there, so we’ll still keep the ear open and see what’s around,” he said.

The Lions have been linked to a number of players including Essendon’s Andrew Lovett although Voss stated that they had not spoken to the Bombers regarding Lovett.

They’ve also been linked to both Richard Hadley and Brendan Fevola from the Blues. Voss denied any interest in Fevola at Docklands today.

Rumours have been spreading that Port Adelaide are interested in Brisbane ruckman Jamie Charman.

It was confirmed weeks ago but the deal between the Blues and the Demons was made official this afternoon. Brock McLean will join the Blues in exchange for their first round pick (#11).

Brendan Fevola was officially put on the trade table last week but the Blues are tight lipped over trade details. Carlton CEO Greg Swann said that there was no new news on Fevola and refused to say which clubs has expressed interest in the All-Australian full forward.

Collingwood had nothing to say at the conclusion of the official meetings on day one.

They’ve been linked to Darren Jolly from the Swans. It’s unsure what has been offered but the Swans have demanded more than just their first round pick (#14). They said today that they wont be rushed into a deal and if a suitable deal cannot be reached then the ruckman will remain a Swan for seasons 2010-11 as he is contracted.

Luke Ball from St Kilda now looks likely to be a Pie in 2010 after announcing that he’d like to seek a trade to the Pies. Both clubs were quiet after meeting today and it’s unknown what the Pies will offer for the inside midfielder.

Brendan Fevola has also been linked to the Swans but there was nothing today to suggest that they’re even interested in the troubled forward.

Matthew Knight said that there has been some interest in Andrew Lovett who has been on the trade table for weeks now. The Dockers claimed that they weren’t interested in Lovett. The Lions said they hadn’t spoken to the Bombers regarding him.

They stated that they were unlikely to play a part in the Shaun Burgoyne trade but will remain interested if they cant come to a deal with Hawthorn. Port Adelaide did show some interest in Jay Nash though.

The Bombers don’t expect to play a big part in trade week.

Chris Tarrant won’t be heading home this trade week. Football operations manager Chris Bond said that Tarrant would see out the remaining year on his contract.

Brett Peake is on the trade table with St Kilda and Melbourne showing the most interest.

Marcus Drum could be heading to Geelong but the Hawks are also interested.

The Cats stated that they will be relatively quiet this trade week.

Neil Balme said today that several clubs have expressed interest in young ruckman Shane Mumford.

They’ve also been linked to Marcus Drum pf Fremantle.

The Hawks were apart of the first trade this trade week securing Josh Gibson and pick #69 from North Melbourne in exchange for their second and third round picks (#25 & #41).

They’re no closer to coming an agreement with Port Adelaide over the Shaun Burgoyne trade. Ryan Schoenmakers, Grant Birchall and Jordan Lewis are all off limits from according to the Hawks general manager of player personnel and strategy Chris Pelchen. They haven’t ruled out bringing in a third party to get the deal done.

They claimed that they haven’t showed any interested in Darren Jolly.

Melbourne announced weeks ago that McLean would be joining Carlton in exchange for the Blues and after meeting today it was made official.

Port Adelaide showed interest in ruckman Mark Jamar. They were quick to respond offering him a new two year deal.

They also admitted that they have spoken to an unknown player to try get him into the pre-season draft rather than trading for him.

North Melbourne:
North Melbourne have done well considering the position they were in with Josh Gibson. They managed to get the Hawks second and third round draft picks (#25 & #41).

Sam Power, Daniel Harris and Matt Riggio are yet to find new homes after North confirmed that they would be shopped around.

Port Adelaide:
Port have expressed interest with a number of players from a number of clubs. They are yet to make a trade but they they claimed they were confident on picking up a ruckman but denied who their target player was.

They inquired about Mark Jamar, who has now been offered a two-year deal. They have also been linked with Lion Jamie Charman but denied it today.

They admit that their no closer to coming to a deal with the Hawks over Shaun Burgoyne. They will meet again later in the week. They said that 5 other clubs had all put better offers on the table than Hawthorn and will deal with another club if they can’t come to an agreement with the Hawks. Port Adelaide wants two first round picks or one first round pick and a quality player for Burgoyne.

they’ve shown interest in Essendon’s Andrew Lovett and confirm that Lovett was at Alberton yesterday. They have also shown interest in Jay Nash also from the Bombers.

Expect Port to be big players come Friday.

It’s been known for a while that Andrew Raines was on his way back to Brisbane. Today the clubs came to an agreement which sees the Tigers receive the Lions third round pick (#44) in a straight swap for Raines.

Jordan McMahon has been linked to St Kilda in the past but there was no news to suggest that he will find a new home at Moorabbin.

St Kilda:
Luke Ball has requested a trade to Collingwood this evening but no news regarding a fair deal has yet to come out. The Saints were tight lipped on their way out of Etihad Stadium today, as were the Pies.

Brett Peake and Jordan McMahon have both been linked to St Kilda but nothing has emerged.

Brendan Fevola was also linked to the Saints but a deal would seem unlikely at this stage.

Sydney were involved in the big trade of the day. Paul Roos announced the trade on the way in to Docklands today. They got Mark Seaby from West Coast and Brisbane’s second round draft pick (#28) at the expense of premiership player Amon Buchanan and second round pick (#22).

Darren Jolly is no closer to finding a new home in Victoria. The Swans won’t be pressured into trading the ruckman who still has two years remaining on his contract. They did say that they will need more than just a first round draft pick for Jolly.

They said they were happy to take a third round draft pick for Barry Hall who requested a trade to the Western Bulldogs but were declined.

They have also been linked to Brendan Fevola and despite denying interest earlier in the week they are still expected to make a play for the forward.

West Coast:
The Eagles are probably winning the bragging rights of trade week so far after picking up Bradd Dalziell from the Lions and and pick #22 from the Swans. Mark Seaby was traded to the Swans and they lost Brent Staker and pick #39 to The Lions.

There hasn’t been any updates on Matt Spangher who wishes to return to Victoria.

There have been whispers that Leon Davis may be on his way back to WA and may find himself in an Eagles jumper. Neither club commented on this today.

Western Bulldogs:
Andrejs Everitt appears to be unlikely to be traded after the Dogs once again made it clear that Everitt was a required player at Whitten Oval.

They refused to trade their third round pick to the Swans in order to get Barry Hall and may try their luck on picking him up in the pre-season draft should they not come to an agreement.

The Bulldogs have been surprised in the interest in a number of their players, including three clubs chasing Brian Lake.

Carlton spoke to them regarding Fevola but the Dogs had shown no real interest at this stage.