At 10am on Monday the 5th of October the 2009 AFL Exchange Period, otherwise known as Trade Week, begins. We take a look at the each club as the rumours and speculation continue to grow over certain clubs and players.

Adelaide should be pretty quiet through trade week in 2009. They have supposedly been fielding interest for key forward, Taylor Walker, but it is generally accepted that he will be staying put. Also talk of Griffen looking for a new home but indications are that he is going to stay. Also talk of a Knights move back to Victoria, but if I recall correctly he signed an extension earlier this year.

Verdict: Adelaide should focus on making sure they have the cover for their older guys when they move on. With Sloane coming through, they should keep their draft picks and draft the best possible kids.
Possibly one area they could look at is a small crumbing forward pocket.

Dalziell has supposedly requested a trade back to WA, big call to demand a trade without really making a name for himself. Have apparently spoke to Andrew Lovett, who would add some x-factor into their midfield, and some real pace through the middle along with Sherman. Hoopers names also been thrown about due to indifferent form and past off field incidents. Also rumoured to be keen to get Hadley back to the club.

Verdict: Voss seems keen to have a real tilt at the flag while they still have the two guns up forward, and Lovett will definitely improve their chances. They will be hoping they wont have to give up too much for him.

Deal is all but done to get Mclean to Carlton for pick 11. He will be a good addition to their midfield once he is fit and firing. With the addition of Mclean, it might free up Hadley to return to Brisbane after the was in and out of the side in 2009. The ongoing speculation on Brendan Fevola’s future is bound to make the next couple of weeks very interesting. There has also been talk of Walker and Fishers future, although IIRC Walker recently re-signed. Carlton also linked with Everitt from the dogs, although with trading out their first rounder, they might be keen to hold onto their second.

Verdict: Carlton are looking to bolster their list, as they are on the rise and Mclean seems like the perfect fit. They have enough talented youngsters that pick 11, in a supposed weak draft, is well worth giving up. Fevola is the interesting one but IMO he will stay, his off field issues, and the pay packet will turn many clubs off, and if Carlton plan on pushing for a premiership the next 2 or 3 years, he will be vital.

Not many rumours or talk surrounding Collingwood, which is weird for this time of year. Some talk of a Davis for Lovett deal but Davis signed an extention this season

Verdict: Will be looking towards their younger guys like Ried, Brown, Dawes, Beams, Sidebottim etc to come through and improve the side to take it one or two steps further in 2010.

Some early speculation of Lloyd finding a new club was but to bed when he retired recently. Lovett is a definite to leave bomber land, with both he and the club keen to get a deal done, Player or picks (And where to?), seem to be the only question. Essendon were also rumoured to be keen on reuniting the Davey brothers, but Davey signed at Melbourne.

Verdict: Lovett appears to be the only trade on the horizon for Essendon, after Davey re-signed. Will probably now focus on the natural progression of their young players.

Fremantle is another club that has been relatively quiet. Has been some interest from Victorian clubs in Tarrant but Fremantle have declared him off limits, similarly there has been some talk of Drum leaving, with some Victorian clubs showing interest. Brett Peake also keen to find a new home

Verdict: With their recent trade history, they are probably better off keeping quiet in trade week. With the obvious focus on youth of the past couple of years, they should be focused on securing draft picks, or young players, if any trade comes to fruition.

Geelong have declared that they will be struggling to retain their list due to salary cap pressures, but who might be traded, well that still appears a mystery. Some talk of them looking at Drum to possibly bolster an aging backline.

Verdict: Will be trying hard to retain as much of their list as possible to have another tilt at the flag before the likes of Milburn, Mooney etc move on.

Seem set to be the big player in trade week. Have enquired or gone after Gibson, Sandilands, Lake and Burgoyne, along with anyone else supposedly looking to leave their current club. Sandilands is now no chance, Lake also appears to be no chance but is yet to sign on at the dogs. Gibson and Burgoyne have both walked out on their clubs and want to go the Hawthorn, so the onus will be on them to secure the deal. North supposedly want both Hawthorns second and third round picks, and they will have to give up their first rounder at least for Burgoyne.
Plenty of names being thrown up from Hawthorn to somehow be involved to get the other deals done. McGlynn, Dowler, Kennedy, Tuck etc all rumoured to be on the table.

Verdict: Hawthorn obviously looking to bolster their list and have a crack at another flag. Would be slightly concerned that they might potentially trade away their first 3 draft picks, I guess that is where the likes of McGlynn etc come in, to secure some more picks in the draft.

Have agreed to terms with Carlton for the trade of Mclean. There was speculation that they might lose Davey to Essendon which would have been a big blow but thankfully, loyalty won out. May try to find a new home for Miller as has been rumoured in the past. Were supposedly interested in Burgoyne before he chose Hawthorn, may yet surprise a few with the signing from another club.

Verdict: 2010 looks to be another year of pain for Melbourne, but with picks 1 + 2 in this years draft, plus securing Carltons first pick (11) in the trade, the future looks to be built over the last few drafts plus this one.

North Melbourne:
Gibson has walked out, and North have supposedly requested picks 25 and 41 in return, although Hawthorn aren’t so keen for part with both picks. North will look to find new homes for Harris, Power and Riggio, otherwise their careers will be over. Also some talk of North being interested in Tuck from Hawthorn, and Staker from WC, although a lot of that has died down recently.

Verdict: The Gibson deal seems like it will go through, just a matter of the terms. North another team to be looking to the future and should be keen to bolster their position heading into the draft.

Port Adelaide:
Burgoyne walked out on the club, so Port will be hoping to get a deal done with Hawthorn, rather than loss him in the PSD. Hawthorn put pick 9 on the table, but Port are after more, supposedly asking for Lewis as well, but Hawthorn have said he is off limits. Port also rumoured to be interested in pretty much every other player who is leaving their current club.

Verdict: Will be hoping to get the good end, well as good as possible, out of the Burgoyne deal. Might look to add some depth to their midfield with both Burgoynes leaving, or bolster their ruck stocks if someone is available.

Shane Tuck is on the trade table, although not sure if there has been much, if any, interest shown. Was also some early talk of McMahon being on the move but not much more been said recently.

Verdict: New coach, with fresh ideas, means we might see some more players than expected put up for trade but at this stage it looks like Tuck might be the only one. Richmond is another looking for youth.

St Kilda:
St Kilda will probably be keen just to keep their current list together, although some might seek opportunities else where. Ball and Maguire are two names being thrown up, with rumours that Maguire is looking at a potential trade to Essendon or Hawthorn. St Kilda was also linked with McMahon some months ago.

Verdict: Wouldn’t expect St Kilda to be a big player in trade week, unless they were faced with Salary cap pressures like Geelong, or some players ask for a trade for more opportunities.

Hall has gone, there is just the matter of some compensation from the Bulldogs from him. Sydney also appear to have Seaby secured, just a matter of getting the deal done. If rumours are true, Sydney are interested in everyone. Lovett has been linked, Ball linked, even Fevola linked. Have supposedly offered Kennedy more game time than he might get at Hawthorn, and are also said to be chasing McGlynn.

Verdict: Sydney appear to be the ideal team to deal with this trade week. Both the Hall and Seaby deal look set to go through without a hassle. Will be interesting to see if they are involved in any other deals. IMO they would be crazy to trade Fevola as White started to blossom once Hall left.

West Coast:
Not a lot of talk about who they are after, but plenty of who might be leaving. Seaby is set to leave, looking as though Sydney will be his new home. Staker has also requested a trade but is still contracted, so will stay if the right offer doesnt come up. Matt Spangher has also been weighing up his options, with a couple of Victorian clubs showing interest. That is also on top of the usual McKinley ‘keen to return home’ reports. Some talk of a Staker for Dalziell swap.

Verdict: Seaby appears to be the only definite trade at this stage from WC. But if a couple of these deals do go through, they could enter the draft in a strong position.

Western Bulldogs:
Have offered Hall a contract, and the deal to get him there seems to be a formality. Has been interest from other clubs in Everitt, and Lake is yet to sign a new contract with some other clubs circling but it appears only a matter of time before they do come to an agreement.

Verdict: The Hall deal should go through with the minimal of fuss, and they will be hoping that he will be the missing piece in the premiership puzzle.