The Australian Football Grand Final is the highest attended championship event in the world, but how many fans take their love of the sport to the next level? If you are an avid watcher of this great game, why not learn to appreciated it more by taking part in it yourself? All you need is a footy an a few friends, and you can get the taste of what it is like to be completely immersed in Australian Rules football. You may not be playing at the MCG in front of 100,000 people or earning $12 million a season, but you can still have fun getting fit whilst doing what you love. Here’s how.

Buy some equipment

By spending a little bit of money on some good equipment, you will be more motivated to play AFL and will get more enjoyment out of it. So head down to your local sports store and try out of few footballs. If you can afford to go for a good quality football like a Sherrin, it will last you a long time. You can also find a bargain with eBay online shopping and then use the reviews to help you make a choice.

This will take you down a rabbit hole of purchasing other footy equipment such as football boots, protective equipment including mouth guards and helmets as well as training aids like rapid-fire rebounders and hand ball targets. With these bits of training equipment, you’ll be able to practise alone or with friends. If you have invested your money in the best equipment, the you will be excited to use it and will be playing football more regulary.

Join a Club

Once yoiu have the tools, you need teamates to play with. However, you do need to 21 others to start out. Consider playing smaller games with your friends until your are able to join a club.

For many people joining a club as a complete beginner could be daunting and you may not have the time or energy to fully commit yourself. If that is something then you are up for, then great, but if you aren’t then don’t worry. You may look at trying your hand at AFL 9’s which is a small less serious version of the game, allowing you to have a weekly kick around.

Watching sport is one thing, but you will appreciate it a lot more once you have tried it yourself. You don’t have to fully commit yourself straight away, but invest in some decent equipment and rally a few friends to have an occasional game for fun. It’s a great way to find deeper enjoyment in the sport you love.