Port Adelaide held a board meeting on Monday knowing they had to decide the fate of Premiership coach Mark Williams by Tuesday. After a 9 hour marathon meeting the Port board emerged tight lipped but a press conference on Tuesday revealed their decision to offer Williams a two year extension, which Williams has yet to accept.

Club president Brett Duncanson said that they’re delighted to be entering negotiations with Williams.

“Mark Williams has an outstanding coaching record and is a proven teacher of young players,”

“He is highly respected at this club and in the football community.

“At the end of 2006 the club put in place a five year plan and we are half-way through that period. Mark deserves an opportunity to see that plan through.”

“We have turned over our list by 50 percent over the last three years, including 12 new arrivals this year.”

“At the same time as we are developing our list … and we know there will be ups and downs with that … we are still a very good chance to play finals.”

Williams said on Sunday that he’s yet to decide whether he wants to stay at Port Adelaide regardless of whether he’s offered a new contract.

“My first and foremost thing would be to decide whether I’m going to be here or not and then after that, we’ll see what happens.”

It’s been widely expected that Williams would one day return to Victoria to coach one of powerhouse Victorian teams.

If Williams does agree to terms with Port Adelaide he faces a massive pay cut and a modification to off-field resources largely due to Port Adelaide’s current financial situation.