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Q1. Who was the first Fremantle player to receive a Rising Star nomination?

Q2. Name the Brisbane Bears player fined $1000 for shaking a goal post in 1990.

Q3. Who was the first player brought from Ireland by Melbourne FC?

Q4. Who replaced Doug Hawkins as captain of Footscray in 1994?

Q5. What number did Trevor Barker wear in his last game?

Who am I?

Clue 1: I grew up in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Clue 2: I played 140 career games.
Clue 3: I retired from injury at 28 years of age.
Clue 4: I won the 1986 Coleman Medal.

Think you know your footy? Check out the answers below and let us know how you went in the comments section!


Q1. Shaun McManus Q2. Michael Gibson Q3. Paul Earley Q4. Scott Wynd Q5. Number 1 Who am I? I am Brian Taylor