Nick Maxwell, Domenic Cassisi, Peter Burgoyne & Campbell Brown are all looking to face time on the sidelines over the coming weeks whilst the incident involving Heath Shaw will go straight to the tribunal on Tuesday night.

Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell was offered a two week ban after being charged with rough conduct on Geelong’s Steve Johnson. A bad record means the two match suspension can not be reduced with an early plea.

Meanwhile the incident which saw Magpie Heath Shaw reported for intentionally making contact with an umpire has been sent straight to the tribunal.

Campbell Brown of Hawthorn may also miss two weeks after he was charged with a rough conduct offence. Brown’s bad record also means he can’t have the sentence reduced with an early plea.

Port Adelaide captain Domenic Cassisi was charged with a striking offence against Melbourne’s Lynden Dunn. A three match suspension was handed to Cassisi however a 5 year good record and an early plea can reduce the sentence to just a one week suspension.

Peter Burgoyne of Port Adelaide was charged with a kneeing offence against Melbourne’s Aaron Davey and is also facing two weeks on the sidelines unless he contests at the tribunal. His poor record means that Burgoyne can’t reduce the sentence with an early plea.

Steven King of St Kilda can accept a reprimand and 70.31 points towards his future record for a striking offence against West Coast’s Ashley Hansen.

Steve Johnson, Farren Ray, Daniel Kerr & Jarrad McVeigh were all offered fines for minor charges.

Match day reports on Nick Dal Santo x2, David Hille & Colin Sylvia were reviewed and thrown out.

Check back tomorrow for a follow up for what looks like will be big night at the Tribunal.