Hawthorn has shown that they are ready for finals after belting the Blues by 78 points in a game which saw Lance Franklin steal the show kicking his 100th goal for the season.

My Tip: Hawks by 62

Pre Match Script: The time has come, the match that will determine weather or not Lance Franklin and/or Brendan Fevola will be the first player(s) to kick 100 goals in the H&A season for 10 years, since Tony Locket. Franklin being on 98, and Fevola beng on 92.

First Quarter:
Hawthorn looked promising early, Jaryd Roughead marking inside fifty in the first 30 seconds, only to kick a behind. The first goal came from Hawks rising star Cyril Rioli, a mecurial left foot snap from the boundary line saw Hawthorn get off to a flyer. Hawthorn got 2 in a minute, with gun midfielder kicking truly to see the Hawks up by 2 goals. Brendan Fevola marked about 35 out from goal but shanked it something shocking for no score. Luckily for the Blues, when the ball landed, Cameron Cloke grabbed it and snapped a goal. Carlton skipper Chris Judd then goaled to see the scored level. By this stage Lance Franklin is yet to touch the Football. Luke Hodge then goaled thank to a magnificent assist by Young. Franklin finally marked and goaled with about 4 minutes to go. Only one to go now! With 2 minutes to go, Rioli passed it to Franklin about 25 metres out, he then goaled, and thousands and thousands of people stormed onto the Telstra Dome. Fantastic scenes! About 9 minutes later, the ground was cleared and play finally started again. Mark Willians goaled right on the quarter time siren to see the Qtr Time scores read:
Carlton: 2. 3. 15
Hawthorn: 6. 4. 40

Second Quarter:
It took about 9 minutes but the first goal came to the man who goaled on the quarter time siren, Mark Williams. He took a contested mark, played on and kicked truly. Hawthorn got another after that through Campbell Brown, and signs look bad for Carlton. Carlton kept fighting, they got the next goal kicked by Jordan Russell but it was a waste of effort because Hawthorn dominance saw big gut Robert Campbell get the quick reply. The next goal came to Mark Williams who booted his third. The final goal of the second term came to Yound Carlton gun Bryce Gibbs. At Half time the scores were:
Carlton: 4. 5. 29
Hawthorn: 10. 7. 67

Third Quarter:
Carlton really needed the first goal of the thirt quarter if they were any chance of a comeback, and they got it. Big gun Brendan Fevola Delivered the goods. But the poor old blues couldn’t pull 2 together, The hawks got the next 3 through Brown, Franklin, and then Brown again. Brendan Fevola then booted just his second goal, to pull the margin back to 45 points. The next goal then went to gun Hawthorn On-Baller Brad Sewell. Hawthorn then kicked 2 more goald through Osbourne, and Chance Bateman. But then once again, Brendan Fevola kicked a goal, it was the last goal of a firery quarter. The scores read:
Carlton: 8. 6. 54
Hawthorn: 16. 13. 109

Final Quarter:
Well clearly Carlton can’t win, so the Blues are just going to try and get it to Fevola, to try and give him the 4 goals he needs to get 100. The Hawks scored the first of the last, Big gun Jaryd Roughead booting his first for the night, and his 62nd for the season. He then did the exact same thing, kicking a goal, he’s got 2 now. Carlton then mmanaged to get it to big man Brendan Fevola, he booted a major, he only needs 3 now. They’re still strugiling to pull 2 together, Hawks gun Jaryd Roughead kicking his 3rd Final Quarter goal. Number 1 draft pick Bryce Gibbs then kicked his second for the night. Brendan Fevola then unbelievably booted a sixth Second half goal. He’s only got two more to go. Hawthorn then kicked the next 3 goals, through Osbourne (who finished up with 3), Franklin, and Roughead, who then kicked a 4th Last quarter goal. Brendan Fevola then booted his 7th. But the last 2 goals og the game went to Roughead and Osbourne. Fevola falling one short of the magical Hundred. 99’s still a decent effort though.

Carlton: 2.3-4.5-8.6-12.9 (81)
Hawthorn: 6.4-10.7-16.13-24.15 (159)

Carlton: Fevola 7, Gibbs 2, Cloke, Judd, Russell
Roughead 5, Franklin 4, Williams 3, Brown 3, Osborne 3, Rioli, Lewis, Hodge, Campbell, Sewell, Bateman

Carlton: Judd, Murphy, Gibbs, Fevola, Thornton, Walker, Bentick
Hawthorn: Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis, Sewell, Birchall, Brown, Roughead

Carlton: Scotland (hip), Carrazzo (knee) replaced in selected side by Austin, Pfeiffer
Hawthorn: Stokes (gastro) replaced in selected side by Ellis, Williams (hip)

Carlton: N Stevens (by emergency umpire K Nicholls for wrestling C Bateman)
Hawthorn: C Bateman (by emergency umpire K Nicholls for wrestling N Stevens)

Umpires: Kennedy, Stevic, McLaren