Don’t Worry Big V, we’re on our way, thats the message that the former Victorian powerhouses are sending to the rest of the competition. At least on the back of the promising efforts of a crop of youngsters playing for Victorian teams on the weekend.

While many people may be worried about the fact that Brisbane, Port, Sydney and West Coast dominated the last 6 premierships, with the latter 2 strong chances for this years flag, and Port and Brissy rebounding strongly from disapointing seasons of late, I’m not. Why? Simple. Look for answers in the likes of The Tomahawk, Gibbs, Murphy, Bentick, McGlynn, Birchall, Lewis, Franklin, Toovey, Swan, Thomas. All kids who had a big impact for their teams in wins over the weekend. Even blokes from losing sides are showing enormous talent, such as Paddy Ryder or Jason Winderlich from the Bombers, or Tambling from the Tigers, or Adam Cooney or Ryan Griffen from the dogs.

The signs are not bad for Victorian teams. While we may be a little while away, in three years time, I expect to see Victorian teams occupying many of the top spots on the ladder. Essendon, Carlton, Richmond, Hawthorn. These teams are loaded with talented youths.

What’s going to happen to say Sydney, when 3 years down the track and the likes of Barry Hall, Brett Kirk, Leo Barry, Michael O’Loughlin are retired or nearing the end of their careers? The cycle has its cynics, but I for one believe it works. Port and Bribane are the exceptions. They have managed to find some gems with later picks in the drafts, and are now consequently reaping the rewards with good form early in the season. But in 3 or so years time, it’s not the Lions or Power people will be talking about. It will be Hawkins and the Ablett boys, bringing pride back to the Cattery; Murph and Gibbs reigning in the midfield for the Blues; Jetta, Davey and co. providing blistering pace for the ‘Dons; Franklin and his hawks providing buckets of excitement; Deledio leading his Tigers to victory. The list goes on. It’s all about the future Victoria. We’ve waited 6 years for a flag, whats another 2 or 3?