Jeff goes into the Carlton dressing rooms this week to talk to ‘Supercoach’ Glenn Manton and ‘Jayco’ Jim Lawson (these guys are seriously funny.) Glenn channels Northey, Walls and Barassi to give Jeff a tirade on whizzing in public and tittie bars that he won’t soon forget. Many will remember Glenn’s antics from The Footy Show but his Supercoach character goes well beyond the tired old trollop that Channel 9 have been serving up on the Footy Show this year (Billy Brownless!!?) Glenn won ‘Best Improv’ at the Trades Awards last year with his ‘Supercoach’ character. His ability to think on his feet is very impressive and Jayco Jim is a brilliant sidekick.

‘The Spray’ is part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival that starts this week. It’s held in the Carlton Football Club change room, which is pretty cool in itself but the show is a cracker as well.

Dates: 9 Shows – March 27th-29th / April 3-5th and 11-13th @ 8pm
Bookings: Ticketmaster – 1300 66 00 13 or