Round 14 still has two games for us next weekend but has already provided an impressive highlights reel. There was Rodan’s own goal, Aker’s brilliant goals and a streaker… and that was just TIO Stadium in Darwin! In Melbourne, the Blues ruined the Tigers 100 year celebration with an impressive last quarter led by Nick Stevens and the Waite/ O’Hailpin combination which totally nullified Richo. The Saints finally played their best footy when it mattered to overcome the Kangaroos, Hawthorn easily accounted for West Coast and Melbourne beat the Brisbane Lions by one point. If you picked that, you get a chocolate frog.

Also on the footywrap this week an exclusive interview with Gary Ayres who is kind of Ben Cousins new coach. Ben has signed on with Port Melbourne just so he can train with them. It’s becoming increasingly clear that he wants to play next year. We just hope Gary realises Ben won’t actually be running out with the team.