New payment options continue to evolve in the world of online sports betting, with Apple Pay becoming more popular with Australian bookmakers, and its recently rolled out iPhone Tap to Pay.

Using any Apple device, this secure option of using Apple Pay is accessible to Australian Football League (AFL) bettors Down Under without having to pay any fees.

The Apple Pay wallet offers users to quickly and securely deposit and withdraw money at selected bookmakers, with iPhone Tap to Pay having only been introduced across Australia in May.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay, a digital mobile wallet and payment system service, is an alternative to credit and debit cards. Punters can use near-field communication (NFC) to purchase goods, or pay for POS (point of sale) via iOS apps in person.

How Apple Pay works

Apple Pay is available for in-app purchases and internet purchasing.  It’s swift and safe to link a credit or debit card to an Apple ID with Apple Pay.

Benefit of betting with Apple Pay

Punters don’t need to input any information when depositing into a betting account, because the card information is on the Apple device. The app completes a deposit in seconds, with credit card information secure and not revealed to other sportsbooks.

Sportsbook deposits with Apple Pay

There will be limitations, which will be set by each bookmaker, for depositing with Apple Pay with the deposit made instant.

Steps to making an Apple Pay deposit:

  • Log in to the sportsbook account;
  • Navigate to the bank, or deposit section, of the sportsbook account;
  • Select Apple Pay as the preferred deposit method;
  • Enter the deposit amount;
  • Tap the Pay button, then select the card or account already linked to your Apple Pay account to withdraw the funds from, and;
  • Enter Face ID, password or Touch ID to confirm the transaction.

Apple Pay has become increasingly popular among Aussie bettors in recent years. Down Under is arguably one of the world’s most competitive online gaming sectors, as it’s more established than many other online gaming markets and boasts some of the strictest regulations within the betting industry.

Aussie Rules gamblers are offered access to a wide selection of reputable and trustworthy Apple Pay betting sites, but should consider some important aspects before picking the best one on this list.

The ideal Australian betting site to opt for with Apple Pay will guarantee simplistic and swift requests for a payout. Bettors should be looking to benefit from high withdrawal and deposit limits as well as instant deposits.

Trustworthy sportsbooks will try to ensure that placing online bets on Aussie Rules action using Apple Pay is a hassle-free process, which won’t be too time-consuming.

Apple’s payment services, designed and developed with privacy as priority, means that AFL bettors’ data is safeguarded to such an extent that Apple Pay transactions is one of the safest ways to make deposits with betting sites.

The only drawback is that punters can’t withdraw winnings from an online bookmaker straight to Apple Pay. To cash out any AFL wins it is best to combine Apple Pay with a different payment method.