The Match Review Panel has handed down its findings from Round 15 rough conducts. Some players remain in the clear. A handful of players may choose to contest their penalties or accept an early plea. Here’s the list of players cleared and those facing suspension in Round 16 and beyond.

In the clear

Jonathan Brown – cleared of a high tackle on David Swallow (Gold Coast)

David Myers – cleared of striking Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)

Sam Mitchell – cleared of high contact on Taylor Hunt (Geelong)

Greater Western Sydney
Jeremy Cameron – cleared of a high speed hit on Jason Johannisen (Western Bulldogs). Despite Johannisen sustaining a dislocated shoulder, the MRP ruled that Cameron had no alternative.

Players offered suspensions by MRP

Shaun McKernan – offered a two match ban for elbowing Brad Sheppard (West Coast).Assessed as reckless, high impact and high contact.

Dayne Zorko – received a reprimand and 93.75 demerit points for punching Tom Murphy (Gold Coast)

Greater Western Sydney
Taylor Adams – offered a two match ban for striking Adam Cooney (Western Bulldogs). Assessed as intentional, low impact and high contact. This could be reduced to one match with an early plea.

Port Adelaide
Justin Westhoff – offered a one match ban for striking Cale Hooker (Essendon). Assessed as intentional, low impact and high contact. Taking his lack of previous offences, a two match ban was reduced to one week.

Western Bulldogs
Adam Cooney – accepted a fine of $900 for being involved in a melee

West Coast
Patrick McGinnity – offered a three match ban for a sling tackle on Bernie Vince (Adelaide). Assessed as negligent, high impact and high contact. With demerit points from a previous offence, he faces four weeks suspension. This may be reduced to three with an early plea.

Source: AFL, ‘Eagle hit hardest as four face bans’,, Accessed 9th July 2013