Collingwood has ruled out any chances of recruiting former West Coast captain Ben Cousins to the club saying that the 30 year old could be too big of a risk. Cousins has spent over 12 months out of the game with his much publicized battle with drug addiction and still has to get the all clear from the AFL to resume his playing career.

Cousins’ manager Ricky Nixon said that he and Ben (Cousins) accept Collingwood’s decision and will move on.  “They’ve had their problems this year with behavioural situations and I don’t think it would have been in anyone’s best interests if there had been a problem next year with Ben, combined with what problems they’ve had in the last three years,” Nixon said.

“In the last few weeks, they (Collingwood) certainly weren’t our preferred position and I accept their decision and so does Ben, but, you know, we’re not here to worry about whether Collingwood’s in or out.”

With the Magpies now out of the picture, this opens the door for St Kilda who were also in the race to secure Cousins’ services, although it has been rumoured that a number of other clubs could be interested in the fallen star.