Kudos to the Blues for instigating what other clubs might consider a bold step. I strongly agree with this announcement. The entire Carlton fraternity will be enjoying the benefits of this promotion sooner rather than later. We are not referring to a kid straight out of the Under-18s TAC Cup. Gibbs has been excelling at senior football for a few seasons now, and obviously what he has been able to bring to MC Labour Park has impressed his coaches and teammates out of sight. His teammates will witness first hand the processes involved in order to command admiration at the ultimate echelon of their sport.

Carlton players and supporters are keenly looking to regain their success, pride and confidence. In the longer term scheme of things, I do not believe the club will, in any way, regret this decision. If I was a Carlton member, then the excitement surrounding the actual on-field football set to spew forth from my beloved club in the near future would far overshadow any resentment I may be harbouring as a result of off-field embarrassments. I would be readying myself to promptly forget all of that off-season garbage. Winter is approaching, let’s play footy!

Gibbs is yet to turn 18 years of age and has still been swiftly named as a leader of an AFL team, impressive enough in itself. Imagine how awed we will become once he inaugurates his AFL career. You can be assured that this is not a publicity driven attention seek, this is an act of recognition, a deed of appreciation, an identification of respect. A signal that the football club itself is well aware of the calibre of player that it has been able to acquire with their number 1 draft pick. An ominous precursor for all other AFL teams when they meet the Blues, keep an eye on that number four.

Article written by Mark Franklin from oneweekatatime.com.au