Two days out from the opening bounce of the NAB Cup and we are still no closer to knowing who the rogue doper is or whether he is still on a current AFL list.

A cloud still looms over the Essendon Football Club over claims they could have been doped without the players knowledge. But it’s the claims against a single player from another club that has people wanting answers for.

The Australian Crime Commission claim they have a significant amount of evidence against a single player using performance enhancing drugs yet will be allowed to continue playing until action is taken against the doper.

The entire football community remains frustrated in the wait for answers and have been given no time frame as to when we might get them.

As part of the ACC confidentiality agreement that AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou signed, the player or club can not be released to public. It’s believed that the club with the rogue doper could be notified today.

While clubs remain frustrated at the damage it is doing to their brand, Andrew Demetriou said on Monday that they were seeking clarity on what they could and couldn’t release.

“We are doing our very best to be transparent on these issues, but it’s a special set of circumstances and we must comply with the parameters being put upon us by the Australian Crime Commission and its legislation,” Demetriou said.

Meanwhile, nine clubs that were identified in the ACC investigation for having problems with illicit drug use will be notified today by the AFL in private briefings.