Melbourne has recruited Jordie McKenzie from the Geelong Falcons with their first pick in today’s Rookie Draft. Continue reading to see which players your club picked up in the 2008 Rookie Draft.

Pick Club Player Recruited from
1 MELB Jordie McKenzie Geelong Falcons
2 WCE Liam Bedford Geelong
3 FRE Casey Sibosado Oakleigh Chargers
4 PORT Wade Thompson North Adelaide
5 ESS Bryce Carroll Western Jets
6 CARL Jefferey Gartlett Swan Districts
7 BL Daniel Murray East Perth
8 RICH Robin Nahas Oakleigh Chargers
9 NMFC Marcus White Calder Canons
10 ADEL Ricky Henderson Trentham
11 COLL Tristan Francis Gippsland Power
12 SYD Kristin Thornton Sydney Swans
13 STK Zac Dawson Hawthorn
14 WB Jamason Daniels Murray Bushrangers
15 GEEL Adam Varcoe Central Districts
16 HAW Riley Milne Murray Bushrangers
17 MELB Rhys Healey Bendigo Pioneers
18 WCE Adam Cockie Subiaco
19 FRE Matthew DeBoer Claremont
20 PORT Danny Meyer Richmond
21 ESS Thomas German Calder Canons
22 CARL Luke Stanton Northern Knights
23 BL pass
24 RICH David Gourdis Richmond
25 NMFC Luke Delaney Geelong Falcons
26 ADEL Christopher Schmidt Brisbane Lions
27 COLL Jarryd Blair Gippslanmd Power
28 SYD Taylor Gilchrist Sandringham Dragons
29 STK Tom Simpkin Geelong Falcons
30 WB Liam Picken Williamstown
31 GEEL Bryn Weadon North Ballarat Rebels
32 HAW Haydn Kiel Brisbane Lions
33 MELB Danny Hughes Melbourne
34 FRE Hamish Shepheard East Perth
35 PORT Daniel Stewart Labrador
36 ESS Christian Bock Woodville/West Torrens
37 CARL Greg Bentley Port Adelaide
38 BL pass
39 RICH Andrew Browne Murray Bushrangers
40 NMFC Benjamin Speight Norwood
41 ADEL pass
42 COLL Johnny Bennell Peel Thunder
43 SYD K.Coney Tyrone (Ire)
44 STK Brad Howard St Kilda
45 WB pass
46 GEEL Tom Allwright North Hobart
47 HAW Luke Breust Temora
48 FRE Clancee Pearce Swan Districts
49 PORT Matthew Martin West Adelaide
50 ESS Kade Klemke Murray Bushrangers
51 CARL Darren Pfeiffer Carlton
52 BL pass
53 RICH Alroy Gilligan Claremont
54 NMFC Alan Obst North Melbourne
55 ADEL Brian Donnelly Louth (Ire)
56 COLL Tobais Thoolen Collingwood
57 SYD Mike Pyke Canada
58 STK Steven Gaertner Dandenong Stingrays
59 WB pass
60 GEEL R. Ediriwickrama NSW
61 HAW Carl Peterson Richmond
62 FRE Jay van Berlo West Perth
63 PORT Jesse Laurie Claremont
64 ESS M. Quinn Longford (Ire)
65 CARL Lachie Hill Carlton
66 BL* Adam Spackman Morningside
67 RICH pass
68 NMFC Connor Meredith Laois (Ire)
69 COLL Lachlan Keefe (3 yr non-reg)
70 SYD* n/a
71 STK Ross Tungatulum St Marys
72 WB Christopher Ogle NSW
73 HAW Garry Moss Hawthorn
74 FRE
76 CARL Sam Jacobs Carlton
77 BL* Daniel Dzufer Brisbane Lions
78 COLL S. Reed NSW
79 SYD* n/a
80 STK
81 HAW Matthew Suckling Sandringham Dragons
82 BL* Joel Tippett Brisbane Lions
83 SYD*
84 STK B. McGrath NSW
85 HAW W. Sierakowski NSW