On Friday night, North Melbourne welcomes back Ben Jacobs, who returns after spending most of this season playing for North Ballarat in the VFL. Jacobs last played in round two against Geelong and will replace captain Andrew Swallow in round 19. Luke Delaney is also back, after playing well for the Roosters. He will replace Nathan Grima, who’s having issues with his back. For the Cats, Jimmy Bartel is among multiple inclusions, as James Podsiadly received a one match ban for striking Jack Steven (St Kilda), Dawson Simpson is recovering from a knee injury and George Horlin-Smith and Mitch Brown were omitted.

As Fremantle prepare to battle the Blues on Saturday, Hayden Ballantyne is back after two weeks absence with a hamstring injury. He replaces Cam Sutcliffe in the Docker’s line-up, while Carlton’s team remains unchanged.

When Collingwood meets Essendon on Sunday, the Magpies will no doubt benefit from the return of Quinten Lynch, Paul Seedsman and Luke Ball who didn’t play last weekend due to calf soreness. For the Bombers, captain Jobe Watson heads a number of players named in the team this week, coming back from a broken collarbone he suffered last Sunday. Meanwhile Michael Hurley is out with an ankle injury and Joe Daniher was omitted.

Friday 2nd August, 7:50pm, Etihad Stadium


North Melbourne

B: Hansen, Thompson, C. Delaney
HB: Mullett, L. Delaney, Hine
C: Wells, Gibson, Atley
HF: Thomas, Petrie, Bastinac
F: Black, Tarrant, Harvey
Foll: Goldstein, Cunnington, Ziebell
I/C: McKenzie, Adams, Macmillan, Jacobs
Emg: Greenwood, Wright, Daw


In: Jacobs, L. Delaney
Out: Grima (back), Swallow (Achilles)



B: Guthrie, Lonergan, Enright
HB: J Hunt, Taylor, Corey
C: Mackie, Selwood, Duncan
HF: Stokes, Vardy, Bartel
F: Motlop, Hawkins, Varcoe
Foll: West, Caddy, Johnson
I/C: Blicavs, Hunt, Kelly, Smedts
Emg: Brown, Horlin-Smith, Walker


In: J. Hunt, West, Bartel, Blicavs
Out: Podsiadly (suspension), Brown, Simpson (knee), Horlin-Smith



Saturday 3rd August, 1:45pm, SKODA Stadium


GWS Giants

B: Davis, Bruce, Hampton
HB: Haynes, Mohr, Williams
C: Shiel, Treloar, Whitfield
HF: Cameron, Tomlinson, Whiley
F: Smith, Brogan, Bugg
Foll: Giles, Ward, SCully
I/C: Adams, Greene, Coniglio, Kennedy
Emg: Gilham, Wilson, Darley


In: Coniglio, Whitfield
Out: Darley, Hoskin-Elliott (concussion)



B: Dunn, Pedersen, Terlich
HB: Garland, McDonald, Clisby
C: Viney, Trengove, Grimes
HF: Jones, Watts, Howe
F: Kent, Gawn, Fitzpatrick
Foll: Spencer, Sylvia, Jones
I/C: Toumpas, Byrnes, Davey, Tapscott
Emg: McKenzie, Nicholson, Davis


In: Terlich, Garland, Spencer
Out: Frawley (hamstring), Dawes (calf), Blease



Saturday 3rd August, 2:10pm, MCG



B: Stratton, Lake, Guerra
HB: Sewell, Gibson, Hodge
C: Smith, Mitchell, Hill
HF: Gunston, Roughead, Breust
F: Burgoyne, Franklin, Rioli
Foll: Bailey, Lewis, Puopolo
I/C: Whitecross, Duryea, Savage, Hale
Emg: Cheney, Ceglar, Simpkin


In: Burgoyne
Out: Simpkin



B: Morris, Rance, Astbury
HB: Newman, Chaplin, Vlastuin
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: White, Edwards, Ellis
F: McGuane, Riewoldt, Martin
Foll: Maric, Deledio, Foley
I/C: Houli, Stephenson, Conca, Tuck
Emg: Nahas, Batchelor, Lonergan


In: Stephenson, McGuane, Astbury
Out: Petterd (groin), Arnot (back), Vickery (concussion)



Saturday 3rd August, 4:40pm, Patersons Stadium


West Coast

B: Schofield, Glass, Wilson
HB: Butler, Mackenzie, Smith
C: Gaff, Priddis, Dalziell
HF: Cripps, Kennedy, Hill
F: Wellingham, Lycett, Dalziell
Foll: Cox, S Selwood, Hutchings
I/C: Hams, Sheppard, Embley, Carter
Emg: Morton, Brown, Bennell


In: Glass, Sheppard, Embley
Out: Morton, Masten, Brown


Gold Coast


B: McKenzie, May, Tape
HB: Broughton, Thompson, Russell
C: Bennell, Ablett, Sexton
HF: Swallow, Day, Hall
F: Brown, Dixon, Sumner
Foll: Gorringe, Stanley, Prestia
I/C: Shaw, Harbrow, Boston, O’Meara
Emg: Allen, Bock, Wilkinson


In: Swallow, Prestia, Thompson, Gorringe
Out: Brennan, Nicholls (knee), Gilbee, Weller



Saturday 3rd August, 7:40pm, Etihad Stadium



B: Robinson, Jamison, Henderson
HB: Tuohy, Watson, Gibbs
C: Yarran, Judd, Simpson
HF: Curnow, Walker, Garlett
F: McLean, Rowe, Scotland
Foll: Kreuzer, Betts, Murphy
I/C: Carrazzo, Lucas, Cachia, Armfield
Emg: Graham, Menzel, Joseph


In: –
Out: –



B: Taberner, Dawson, Ibbotson
HB: Spurr, Johnson, Duffield
C: Mzungu, Crowley, Hill
HF: Mundy, Mayne, C. Pearce
F: Walters, Clarke, Ballantyne
Foll: Sandilands, Barlow, Fyfe
I/C: Neale, Suban, de Boer, D. Pearce
Emg: Sutcliffe, Silvagni, Sheridan


In: Ballantyne
Out: Sutcliffe



Saturday 3rd August, 7:40pm, Gabba



B: Harwood, Maguire, Clarke
HB: Golby, Patfull, Adcock
C: Hanley, Rockliff, Mayes
HF: Zorko, Brown, Green
F: O’Brien, Merrett, Staker
Foll: Leuenberger, Redden, Rich
I/C: Raines, Bewick, Docherty, Yeo
Emg: Lester, McGrath, Crisp


In: Hanley, O’Brien, Harwood
Out: McGrath, Moloney (soreness), Crisp


St Kilda

B: Roberton, Simpkin, Dempster
HB: Geary, Stanley, Newnes
C: Ray, Hayes, Jones
HF: Dal Santo, Riewoldt, Montagna
F: Milne, Lee, Saunders
Foll: McEvoy, Armitage, Steven
I/C: Siposs, Webster, Dunnell, Curren
Emg: Dennis-Lane, Hickey, Ross


In: Dunnell, Roberton
Out: Gwilt, Hickey



Sunday 4th August, 1:10pm, Etihad Stadium


Western Bulldogs

B: Tutt, Morris, Picken
HB: Cooney, Talia, Young
C: Dahlhaus, Liberatore, Macrae
HF: Murphy, Grant, Stevens
F: Giansiracusa, Roughead, Dickson
Foll: Minson, Griffen, Wallis
I/C: Addison, Stringer, Hunter, Howard, Campbell, Austin, Cross


In: Stringer, Howard, Campbell, Austin, Cross
Out: Boyd (calf), Jones (ankle)



B: Rampe, Grundy, Smith
HB: Malceski, Richards, Everitt
C: Bird, O’Keefe, McVeigh
HF: Hannebery, White, Bolton
F: Lamb, Tippett, Pyke
Foll: Mumford, Kennedy, K.Jack
I/C: Biggs, Cunningham, B.Jack, Mitchell, Morton, Parker, Shaw


In: Shaw, Morton, Biggs
Out: –



Sunday 4th August, 3:20pm, AAMI Stadium



B: Laird, Rutten, Otten
HB: Brown, Talia, Smith
C: Henderson, Dangerfield, van Berlo
HF: Vince, McKernan, Crouch
F: Petrenko, Johnston, Lynch
Foll: Jacobs, Douglas, Thompson
I/C: Grigg, Lyons, Mackay, Porplyzia, Kerridge, Hartigan, Wright


In: Johnston, Grigg, Dangerfield, Kerridge, Petrenko, Rutten
Out: Jenkins (ankle), Sloane (eye), Tambling


Port Adelaide

B: O’Shea, Carlile, Stewart
HB: Broadbent, Trengove, Colquhoun
C: Wingard, Boak, Pittard
HF: Gray, Butcher, Monfries
F: Westhoff, Schulz, Hartlett
Foll: Lobbe, Ebert, Cornes
I/C: Blee, Wines, Moore, Heath, Mitchell, Hitchcock, Cassisi


In: Blee, Heath, Hitchcock



Sunday 4th August, 4:40pm, MCG



B: Brown, Maxwell, Keeffe
HB: O’Brien, Shaw, Williams
C: Sidebottom, Ball, Dwyer
HF: Elliott, Lynch, Blair
F: Beams, Cloke, Goldsack
Foll: Grundy, Pendlebury, Swan
I/C: Macaffer, Kennedy, Reid, Sinclair, Witts, Seedsman, Thomas


In: Lynch, Ball, Seedsman



B: Fletcher, Hooker, Baguley
HB: Dempsey, Ryder, Hibberd
C: Zaharakis, Watson, Heppell
HF: Goddard, Gumbleton, Dell’Olio
F: Carlisle, Hardingham, Kommer
Foll: Bellchambers, Stanton, Hocking
I/C: O’Brien, Pears, Colyer, Melksham, Jetta, Howlett, Myers


In: O’Brien, Gumbleton, Fletcher, Watson, Hardingham
Out: Daniher, Hurley (ankle)