On Friday night, when the Saints meet the Hawks at Etihad Stadium, among the players missing for Hawthorn will be Lance Franklin who has been experiencing hamstring soreness and Luke Hodge who injured his thumb. St Kilda has also been forced to make multiple inclusions with four players out due to injuries.

When the Lions battle the Tigers on Saturday at the MCG, Jonathan Brown will be absent from the side after injuring his foot, Mitch Golby received a one week ban for striking Tom Curren (St Kilda), with Rohan Berwick being omitted.

At Simons Stadium on Saturday, the Cats will see the return of James Podsiadly from his one week suspension, as Allen Christensen, Jared Rivers, Jesse Stringer and Josh Walker will be welcomed into the line-up having all played well for Casey in the VFL last weekend.

The Blues bring Jarrad Waite back from a knee injury, meanwhile Andrew Carrazzo and Matthew Kreuzer will be sidelined with calf injuries when Carlton clash with the Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Easton Wood returns for the Bulldogs after recovering from a hamstring injury that has kept him out since round three. Liam Jones and Mark Austin have also been included in the team to replace Michael Talia and Jack Macrae who have been experiencing soreness. 

Friday 9th August, 7:50pm, Etihad Stadium

St Kilda

B: Roberton, Blake, Dempster
HB: Geary, Gwilt, Murdoch
C: Ray, Hayes, Montagna
HF: Armitage, Riewoldt, Jones
F: Milne, Lee, Newnes
Foll: McEvoy, Dal Santo, Steven
I/C: Webster, Saunders, Minchington, Curren
Emg: Hickey, Ross, Schneider

In: Blake, Gwilt, Newnes, Murdoch, Minchington
Out: Simpkin (leg), Stanley (shoulder), Siposs (shoulder), Saad (leg), Dunnell (omitted)


B: Stratton, Lake, Guerra
HB: Sewell, Gibson, Duryea
C: Smith, Mitchell, Hill
HF: Whitecross, Gunston, Savage
F: Burgoyne, Roughead, Rioli
Foll: Hale, Lewis, Puopolo
I/C: Breust, Spangher, Simpkin, Grimley
Emg: Cheney, Ceglar, Anderson

In: Spangher, Simpkin, Grimley
Out: Franklin (hamstring soreness), Hodge (thumb), Ceglar (omitted)

Saturday 10th August, 1:45pm, MCG


B: Morris, Rance, Astbury
HB: Newman, Chaplin, Vlastuin
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: White, S. Edwards, Ellis
F: McGuane, Riewoldt, Martin
Foll: Maric, Deledio, Foley
I/C: Houli, Conca, Vickery, Tuck
Emg: Batchelor, McDonough, Stephenson

In: Vickery
Out: Stephenson


B: Clarke, Maguire, Patfull
HB: Harwood, Staker, Yeo
C: Adcock, Redden, Mayes
HF: Hanley, Martin, Zorko
F: O’Brien, Merrett, Green
Foll: Leuenberger, Rich, Rockliff
I/C: Lester, Raines, Moloney, Docherty
Emg: Bewick, Lisle, McGrath

In: Lester, Moloney, Martin
Out: Bewick, Brown (foot), Golby (suspension)

Saturday 10th August, 2:10pm, Simonds Stadium 


B: Rivers, Lonergan, Enright
HB: Bartel, Taylor, Corey
C: Christensen, Selwood, Stringer
HF: Caddy, Podsiadly, Johnson
F: Motlop, Hawkins, Varcoe
Foll: Vardy, Kelly, Duncan
I/C: Guthrie, Walker, Stokes, Mackie
Emg: T. Hunt, Blicavs, J. Hunt

In: Podsiadly, Christensen, Rivers, Stringer, Walker
Out: T. Hunt, J. Hunt, Smedts, West, Blicavs

Port Adelaide

B: O’Shea, Carlile, Cassisi
HB: Broadbent, Trengove, Pittard
C: Wingard, Boak, Colquhoun
HF: Gray, Butcher, Monfries
F: Westhoff, Schulz, Hartlett
Foll: Lobbe, Ebert, Cornes
I/C: Wines, Blee, Moore, Mitchell
Emg: Hitchcock, Stevenson, Logan

In: Blee
Out: Stewart (wrist) 

Saturday 10th August, 4:40pm, Etihad Stadium 


B: Bootsma, Jamison, Henderson
HB: Tuohy, Watson, Gibbs
C: Yarran, Judd, Simpson
HF: Curnow, Walker, Garlett
F: McLean, Rowe, Scotland
Foll: Warnock, Betts, Murphy
I/C: Waite, Menzel, Cachia, Armfield
Emg: McInnes, Robinson, Graham 

In: Waite, Warnock, Menzel, Bootsma
Out: Carrazzo (calf), Kreuzer (calf), Lucas, Robinson 

Western Bulldogs

B: Morris, Austin, Picken
HB: Murphy, Roughead, Young
C: Cross, Wallis, Cooney
HF: Dickson, Addison, Giansiracusa
F: Dahlhaus, Campbell, Grant
Foll: Minson, Griffen, Liberatore
I/C: Tutt, Stevens, Wood, Jones
Emg: Pearce, Hunter, Howard

In: Wood, Jones, Austin
Out: Talia (soreness), Hunter (rested), Macrae (soreness)

Saturday 10th August, 7:40pm, ANZ Stadium


B: Rampe, Grundy, Smith
HB: Malceski, Richards, Shaw
C: Everitt, O’Keefe, McVeigh
HF: Hannebery, White, Bolton
F: Bird, Tippett, Pyke
Foll: Mumford, Kennedy, K.Jack
I/C: Jack, McGlynn, Mitchell, Parker
Emg: Biggs, Lamb, X.Richards 

In: McGlynn
Out: Lamb


B: Brown, Maxwell, Shaw
HB: O’Brien, Keeffe, Sinclair
C: Sidebottom, Ball, Dwyer
HF: Macaffer, Lynch, Blair
F: Beams, Cloke, Reid
Foll: Grundy, Pendlebury, Swan
I/C: Goldsack, Elliott, Thomas, Williams
Emg: Kennedy, Witts, Seedsman

In: –
Out: –

Saturday 10th August, 7:40pm, Metricon Stadium 

Gold Coast 

B: McKenzie, May, Tape
HB: Broughton, Thompson, Russell
C: Bennell, Ablett, Harbrow
HF: O’Meara, Day, Hall
F: Brown, Dixon, Bock
Foll: Gorringe, Stanley, Swallow
I/C: Shaw, Sexton, Sumner, Prestia
Emg: Murphy, Allen, Boston

In: –
Out: –


B: Dunn, Pedersen, Terlich
HB: Garland, McDonald, Clisby
C: Grimes, Viney, McKenzie
HF: Jones, Watts, Trengove
F: Kent, Fitzpatrick, Howe
Foll: SPencer, Sylvia, Jones
I/C: Davis, Tapscott, Davey, Byrnes
Emg: Strauss, Nicholson, Blease

In: Davis, McKenzie
Out: Gawn, Toumpas

Sunday 10th August, 1:10pm, Etihad Stadium


B: Baguley, Carlisle, Hibberd
HB: Pears, Hooker, Fletcher
C: Winderlich, Watson, Heppell
HF: Davey, Gumbleton, Kommer
F: Stanton, Ryder, Melksham
Foll: Bellchambers, Hocking, Hardingham
I/C: Goddard, Zaharakis, Colyer, Hille, Jetta, Howlett, Myers

In: Pears, Davey, Hille , Howlett , Winderlich
Out: Dempsey (hamstring), Dell’Olio 

West Coast

B: Brown, Glass, Wilson
HB: Butler, Mackenzie, Smith
C: Gaff, Wellingham, Dalziell
HF: Cripps, Kennedy, Hill
F: Schofield, Lycett, Darling
Foll: Cox, Selwood, Sheppard
I/C: McGinnity, LeCras, Hams, Hutchings, Embley, Masten, Priddis 

In: McGinnity, LeCras, Masten, Priddis
Out: Carter

Sunday 10th August, 3:20pm, MCG


B: Brown, Rutten, Otten
HB: Laird, Talia, Smith
C: Dangerfield, Mackay, van Berlo
HF: Vince, Johnston, Petrenko
F: Grigg, Lynch, Douglas
Foll: Jacobs, Crouch, Thompson
I/C: Sloane, Jaensch, Wright, Shaw, McKernan, Porplyzia, Henderson

In: Jaensch, Porplyzia, Shaw, Sloane
Out: Lyons

North Melbourne

B: Hansen, Thompson, Mullett
HB: Macmillan, Delaney, Atley
C: Bastinac, Wells, Gibson
HF: Thomas, Petrie, Harvey
F: Adams, Tarrant, Black
Foll: Goldstein, Cunnington, Ziebell
I/C: Jacobs, Wright, Harper, Greenwood, Hine, Garner, Sierakowski

In: Greenwood, Sierakowski, Harper, Garner
Out: McKenzie 

Sunday 10th August, 4:40pm, Patersons Stadium 


B: Spurr, Dawson, Duffield
HB: Mzungu, Johnson, Sutcliffe
C: Fyfe, Crowley, Hill
HF: Mundy, Mayne, Walters
F: Clarke, Pavlich, Ballantyne
Foll: Sandilands, Neale, Barlow
I/C: Pearce, Suban, de Boer, Sheridan, Ibbotson, Crichton, Crozier

In: Pavlich, Ibbotson, Crichton, Crozier
Out: Pearce (calf)

GWS Giants

B: Mohr, Davis, Darley
HB: Hampton, Bruce, Haynes
C: Coniglio, Whitfield, Scully
HF: Tomlinson, Cameron, Ward
F: Smith, Giles, Bugg
Foll: Downie, Whiley, Treloar
I/C: Williams, Adams, Brogan, Greene, Wilson, Tyson, Kennedy

In: Darley, Tyson, Wilson, Downie
Out: Shiel