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Round 21 AFL Teams

Round 21 AFL Teams
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Written by Danielle on 16th Aug 2013

Round 21 will kick off at the MCG in a Friday night blockbuster as the Hawks clash with the Magpies. Hawthorn will be strengthened by the return of superstars Luke Hodge from a thumb injury, Grant Birchall who is back after eight weeks battling a knee injury and Lance Franklin who missed last weekend due to hamstring soreness. Matt Spangher and Sam Grimley are omitted, with Jonathan Simpkin named as an emergency. Collingwood’s team remains unchanged.

At the MCG on Saturday the Tigers take on the Blues. Ricky Petterd comes back into the Richmond side, being rested for two weeks with a groin injury meanwhile Dylan Grimes will play his first AFL match since round 6. Chris Newman has been sidelined with a minor ankle injury along with Robin Nahas who was omitted.
For Carlton, Chris Judd is out with a knee injury as he heads the Blue’s injury list including Matthew Watson (foot) and Jeff Garlett (glute). On a positive note, midfielder Nick Graham will debut for Carlton as Levi Casboult, Mitch Robinson, Andrew McInnes, Tom Bell all are named to play.

Also on Saturday, the Bombers will meet the Kangaroos. Essendon has made a number of changes following the suspension of Patrick Ryder and Dustin Fletcher, Scott Gumbleton out with thigh soreness and Jason Winderlich suffering hamstring tightness. Stewart Crameri, Nick O’Brien, Joe Daniher and Leroy Jetta will replace them along with Lauchlan Dalgleish who will make his debut this weekend.
North Melbourne replaces Taylor Hine with Nathan Grima who is returning from back soreness and Brad McKenzie who has played well in the VFL. Taylor Garner has been included as an emergency for the Roos.

Friday 16th August, 7:50pm, MCG

B: Stratton, Lake, Guerra
HB: Burgoyne, Gibson, Duryea
C: Smith, Mitchell, Whitecross
HF: Hodge, Franklin, Gunston
F: Breust, Roughead, Rioli
Foll: Hale, Sewell, Lewis
I/C: Birchall, Hill, Savage, Puopolo
Emg: Bailey, Simpkin, Cheney

In: Hodge, Birchall, Franklin
Out: Spangher, Grimley, Simpkin

B: Brown, Maxwell, Shaw
HB: Macaffer, Keeffe, Goldsack
C: O’Brien, Ball, Thomas
HF: Sidebottom, Lynch, Elliott
F: Beams, Cloke, Reid
Foll: Grundy, Pendlebury, Swan
I/C: Blair, Sinclair, Dwyer, Williams
Emg: Hudson, Kennedy, Seedsman

In: –
Out: –

Saturday 17th August, 1:45pm, MCG

B: Morris, Rance, Astbury
HB: Houli, Chaplin, Petterd
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: White, Martin, Ellis
F: McGuane, Riewoldt, Vickery
Foll: Maric, Deledio, Foley
I/C: Tuck, Conca, Vlastuin, Grimes
Emg: McDonough, Helbig, McBean

In: Petterd, Grimes
Out: Newman (ankle), Nahas

B: Bootsma, Jamison, Henderson
HB: Tuohy, McInnes, Gibbs
C: Yarran, Robinson, Simpson
HF: Curnow, Walker, Bell
F: McLean, Casboult, Scotland
Foll: Warnock, Betts, Murphy
I/C: Waite, Graham, Menzel, Armfield
Emg: Lucas, Rowe, Cachia

In: Casboult, Robinson, McInnes, Bell, Graham
Out: Judd (knee), Rowe, Garlett (glute), Cachia, Watson (foot)

Saturday 17th August, 2:10pm, AAMI Stadium

Port Adelaide
B: O’Shea, Carlile, Heath
HB: Broadbent, Trengove, Jonas
C: Ebert, Boak, Cornes
HF: Gray, Westhoff, Monfries
F: Hitchcock, Schulz, Wingard
Foll: Lobbe, Moore, Hartlett
I/C: Blee, Colquhoun, Pittard, Wines
Emg: Logan, Neade, Young

In: Heath, Hitchcock, Jonas
Out: Cassisi (hamstring), Butcher (hip), Mitchell (omitted)

Gold Coast
B: McKenzie, May, Tape
HB: Broughton, Thompson, Murphy
C: Bennell, Ablett, Harbrow
HF: Prestia, Hall, Boston
F: Sumner, Dixon, Hall
Foll: Gorringe, Stanley, Swallow
I/C: O’Meara, Hutchins, Russell, Allen
Emg: Patrick, Hunt, Rischitelli

In: Hutchins, Allen, Boston, Hall
Out: Bock (leg), Brown (suspension), Day (hamstring), Sexton (shoulder)

Saturday 17th August, 4:40pm, Etihad Stadium

B: Hibberd, Pears, Hardingham
HB: Baguley, Hooker, Goddard
C: Hocking, Watson, Dalgleish
HF: Daniher, Crameri, Heppell
F: Kommer, Carlisle, Davey
Foll: Bellchambers , Melksham, Stanton
I/C: Zaharakis, O’Brien, Jetta, Howlett
Emg: Lovett-Murray, Hille, Kavanagh

In: Daniher, Dalgleish, O’Brien, Jetta, Crameri
Out: Ryder (suspension), Gumbleton (soreness), Fletcher (suspension), Myers (rested), Winderlich (hamstring)

North Melbourne
B: Hansen, Thompson, Mullett
HB: Macmillan, Grima, Atley
C: Bastinac, Wells, Gibson
HF: Adams, Tarrant, Harvey
F: Thomas, Petrie, Black
Foll: Goldstein, Cunnington, Ziebell
I/C: Wright, McKenzie, Jacobs, Delaney
Emg: Greenwood, Garner, Firrito

In: Grima, McKenzie
Out: Garner, Hine

Saturday 17th August, 7:40pm, Patersons Stadium

West Coast
B: Brown, Glass, McGinnity
HB: Butler, Mackenzie, Smith
C: Gaff, Wellingham, Dalziell
HF: Cripps, Kennedy, Hill
F: Shuey, Lycett, Darling
Foll: Cox, Selwood, Priddis
I/C: Schofield, Sheppard, Masten, Carter
Emg: Hams, Embley, Rosa

In: Shuey, Carter
Out: Wilson (Omitted), LeCras (ribs)

B: Rivers, Lonergan, Enright
HB: Guthrie, Taylor, Bartel
C: Christensen, Selwood, Kelly
HF: Stokes, Blicavs, Johnson
F: Motlop, Podsiadly, Varcoe
FOL: Vardy, Caddy, Duncan
I/C: Corey, Mackie, Murdoch, Walker
EMG: Hunt, Schroder, Stringer

In: Jordan Murdoch , Mark Blicavs
Out: Tom Hawkins (Back), Jesse Stringer (Omitted)

Saturday 17th August, 7:40pm, Gabba

B: Maguire, Patfull, Golby
HB: Harwood, Yeo, Adcock
C: Mayes, Black, Rich
HF: Hanley, Staker, Zorko
F: McGrath, Merrett, Green
Foll: Leuenberger, Redden, Rockliff
I/C: Lester, Raines, Bewick, Docherty
Emg: Lisle, O’Brien, Paparone

In: Bewick, McGrath, Golby, Black
Out: Clarke (shoulder), O’Brien (omitted), Moloney (hamstring), Martin (hamstring)

GWS Giants
B: Williams, Gilham, Davis
HB: Bugg, Mohr, Kennedy
C: Shiel, Scully, Whitfield
HF: Ward, Cameron, Hampton
F: Tomlinson, Brogan, Wilson
Foll: Giles, Whiley, Coniglio
I/C: Haynes, Greene, Treloar, Sumner
Emg: Bruce, Darley, Buntine

In: Brogan, Haynes, Gilham, Shiel, Sumner
Out: Smith (hip), Adams (back), Bruce, Downie, Darley

Sunday 18th August, 1:10pm, MCG

B: Dunn, Garland, Terlich
HB: Jones, McDonald, Strauss
C: McKenzie, Trengove, Howe
HF: Viney, Watts, Byrnes
F: Sylvia, Fitzpatrick, Davis
Foll: Spencer, Grimes, Jones
I/C: Kent, Gawn, Tapscott, Blease, Davey, Pedersen, Rodan

In: Gawn, Howe, Blease, Pedersen, Rodan
Out: Clisby (suspended), Nicholson

B: Silvagni, Dawson, Duffield
HB: Mzungu, Johnson, Spurr
C: Suban, Crowley, Pearce
HF: Mundy, Mayne, Walters
F: Sandilands, Pavlich, Ballantyne
Foll: Clarke, Fyfe, de Boer
I/C: Neale, Sutcliffe, Crozier, Hill, Taberner, Barlow, Sheridan

In: Crozier, Hill, Taberner
Out: –

Sunday 18th August, 3:20pm, SCG

B: Rampe, Grundy, Smith
HB: Shaw, Richards, Everitt
C: McVeigh, O’Keefe, Malceski
HF: Hannebery, White, Parker
F: Pyke, Tippett, Bolton
Foll: Mumford, Kennedy, Jack
I/C: McGlynn, Bird, Mitchell, Lamb, Rohan, Jack, Cunningham

In: Lamb, Rohan, Cunningham
Out: –

St Kilda
B: Newnes, Blake, Dempster
HB: Geary, Roberton, Ray
C: Schneider, Dal Santo, Montagna
HF: Armitage, Riewoldt, Jones
F: Curren, Lee, Milne
Foll: McEvoy, Saunders, Steven
I/C: Webster, Minchington, Hickey, Shenton, Ross, Murdoch, Gilbert

In: Hickey, Shenton, Ross, Gilbert, Milne
Out: Gwilt, Hayes

Sunday 18th August, 4:40pm, Patersons Stadium

Western Bulldogs
B: Picken, Roughead, Morris
HB: Young, Austin, Murphy
C: Boyd, Liberatore, Cross
HF: Griffen, Grant, Giansiracusa
F: Dahlhaus, Campbell, Stevens
Foll: Minson, Wallis, Cooney
I/C: Addison, Tutt, Wood, Hunter, Macrae, Jones, Dickson

In: Hunter, Boyd, Macrae
Out: –

B: Laird, Rutten, Otten
HB: Brown, Talia, Smith
C: Sloane, Dangerfield, van Berlo
HF: Vince, Lynch, Crouch
F: Petrenko, Johnston, Callinan
Foll: Jacobs, Douglas, Thompson
I/C: Grigg, Mackay, McKernan, Jaensch, Shaw, Kerridge, Wright

In: McKernan, Jaensch, Callinan, Kerridge
Out: Henderson (knee)