Carlton midfielder Nick Stevens will contest the charge laid against him by the match review panel for a level two striking offence against Fremantle’s Nick Suban in their NAB Challenge match at Bunbury on Saturday.

Stevens will face the Tribunal at 5pm on Tuesday night.

Stevens was has already been ruled out of the season opener against Richmond due to a suspension carrying over from end of last season and will miss the first three games of the season if the the challenge is unsuccessful.

The incident was assessed as intentional conduct (three points), low impact (one point) and body contact (one point). This is a total of five activation points, resulting in a classification of a Level Two offence, drawing 125 demerit points and a one-match sanction. He has one match suspended within the last three years, increasing the penalty by 10 per cent to 137.50 points. He has also has 68.75 points carried over from within the last 12 months, increasing the penalty to 206.25 points and a two-match sanction. An early plea reduces the penalty by 25 per cent to 154.69 points and a one-match sanction.

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