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Whether you’re at an AFL encounter or you’re taking in a footy match, there is a need for some half-time entertainment as you assess the first half and hope that the team you’re cheering on can put on a solid showing in the second period of the match. While some stadiums do provide half-time shows to entertain the crowd, it doesn’t always suffice. Step forward, mobile gaming.

Despite the all-action match-ups on the field and the half-time music that is being played, people are still glued to their mobile phone screens during a sporting encounter. While this evident societal trend might seem a tad depressing to some sports fans, it’s the way of the world now. People check half-time results from other matches, they might post a Tweet online berating a particular player, or even turn to a game for ten minutes as they aim to cool down after a hugely frustrating first-half showing. It is what it is.

Mobile gaming’s convenience makes it suitable for a quick gaming session also. Games typically take seconds to download and load up, they’re generally quick and easy to play, and they provide genuine fun and entertainment to help any half-time period pass relatively quickly. So, in order to make sure that you have access to some suitable titles, here’s a look at some of the best games for your half-time entertainment needs.

Subway Surfers is a much-loved product in Australia

Given its fast-paced, all-action offering, Subway Surfers is perfect to play during a break at a sporting event. An endless runner where you play as Jake, a mischievous kid, the aim of the game is to cause as much mayhem on the underground system as you possibly can, all while trying to escape from a grumpy ticket inspector and his canine chum. Subway Surfers is fast-moving and doesn’t require hours of playing time to gain notable success, making it ideal for any sporting occasion.

Live dealer casino games are well worth a go

While downloadable games are a preference for many mobile gamers, there is also a growing amount of people that are discovering the benefits of gaming at an online casino. Live dealer casino games are easy to play and don’t require a great deal of learning, especially if you’re already clued up on popular casino games like poker and roulette. These types of live dealer games provide a truly authentic casino gaming experience in the palm of your hand, with a dealer present, the noises and sounds of a casino, and the opportunity to converse with your fellow players as you aim to come out on top. From Grand Baccarat Live to Spin a Win Live, these innovative casino products are perfect for a quick gaming session.

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Candy Crush is an iconic release

Despite being initially released in 2012, Candy Crush is still going strong in 2023. An easy-to-play release, millions of players around the world enjoy the free-to-play tile-matching product as they aim to smash through the levels and record high scores. The best thing about Candy Crush is that it doesn’t take long to get through each level, making it the perfect companion to take with you to the cricket or the rugby.

Coin Master is another favourite

Although Coin Master does require more time invested into it on occasions, it’s still a worthwhile product to explore should you have a few spare minutes. Players have to attack, spin and raid their way to success as they aim to construct the ultimate Viking village, all while having to win battles along the way. You’ll most definitely enjoy this one.