It’s a problem we hear too often, the price of taking a family to the footy is far too expensive.

What we have decided to do is compile a list of the best tips that will help you save money next time you want to go to a game.

The key to saving money on game day is to plan ahead!

Travel & Parking

Travelling to games is obviously a decision that should be made depending on your circumstances. Taking public transport is probably going to be the cheaper option most of the time but of course it’s not the preferred option of everyone.

If you decide to drive you’ll need to factor in fuel, toll and parking costs.

I can only speak for the the two Melbourne stadiums when it comes to parking. Avoid parking under Etihad Stadium at all costs, they’ll sting you $25-30. MCG has parking in the surrounding Yarra Park available for $10 on game days but weather conditions restrict the availability quite often during winter months.

The option I like to recommend is to pre-book your parking online. Secure Parking has $5 weekend parking within 5-10 minutes walk from each ground when you book online. Click here for details.


This is where it can be tricky to save a buck. To their credit the AFL has tried to keep the cost of a family going to the footy down with tickets for kids under 6 being free and kids 6-14 just $5. You can purchase a family ticket which includes 2 adults and 2 kids for just over $50.

There are still ways to save money on tickets though, you just need to keep your eye out for good deals.

Telstra offers customers $20 tickets on selected AFL matches which is worth looking into before you by from Ticketek or Ticketmaster.

Another tip is to keep your eyes peeled on eBay in the weeks leading up to a match. Occasionally you will find cheap tickets from people who are no longer able to attend like these tickets to an upcoming Melbourne vs St Kilda match where you will save around 50%.


The great thing about purchasing tickets on eBay is that many of them can easily be sent straight to your email address to be printed off.

You can also purchase tickets on Gumtree but the risk of getting scammed is much greater.



This is were you can get really creative.

The AFL has done a great job working with the MCG and Etihad stadium to reduce food and drink prices inside the venues. But if you’re looking to feed a family of 4 you’re still looking to spend over $30 on food and drinks buying inside the venues.

When possible always try to bring your own food and drinks from home. It’s important to remember though that no glass or cans can be brought inside AFL venues.


Feed the family on a budget by putting hot dogs (available at Coles for about $5) in a thermos with hot water straight from your kettle. Then just bring some hot dog buns ($2.50) and your chosen condiments and you can eat like a king at half time!

If you have any money saving tips you would like to share please add them in the comments below!