For the past few season the trade period has produced fewer and fewer deals between AFL clubs. In my opinion it is due to several factors. Firstly clubs don’t want to look bad if they trade a player that then improves his on field performance, secondly clubs don’t seem to understand that to get something decent you need to give something decent in return. Finally, the flaws in the AFL draft, trade and free agency systems mean that some deals are destined to fail, see Stevens, Nick.

So with these things in mind I have come up with two trades that make sense for each AFL team. All sentiment has been removed, logic has been applied and the needs of the two teams involved considered. I am certain that almost none of these deals will happen but in each case I believe they would make sense to both teams involved.


Ken McGregor & Ben Hudson for Daniel Giansiracusa & Pick 38

This provides a solid return for the Crows for two players who are most likely on the way out. It fills a major need for Dogs and also gives the crows a chance to get younger and gives them a player in Giansiracusa who can deliver brilliance albeit inconsistently.

Pick 59 for Kepler Bradley

Bradley has never made his mark with the Bombers and has been mentioned as a potential delisting. Another tall defender could be useful for the Crows and Neil Craig may be able to get something out for him. A late 4th round pick should be enough to land Keplar.


Pick 25 & Justin Sherman for Matt McGuire

I can’t imagine the Saint wanting to move Goose but if a suitable contract can’t be arranged then this would be adequate compensation. This helps out with Brisbane’s biggest deficiency, tall defenders and the Saints get some leg speed in return.

Pick 25 for Leigh Brown

Brown would provide the Lions with another tall option. He seems to be a little out of favour at Arden Street and another top 30 draft pick would help the continued injection of youth for the Kangas.


Ryan Houlihan & Pick 36 for Ben Hudson & Pick 27

The Blues are set to add Kreuzer in the draft but he will be unlikely to make a major impact in his 1st year. The Blues will want to win more now especially if they add Judd and Hudson will help them do it. The improved draft pick position could also be useful in the moves they make to acquire Judd.

Brad Fisher for Brad Miller

A change of scenery might be just what the doctor ordered for Miller. He is also versatile enough to play both ends. Fisher would be a nice fit at Melbourne as they look to find some young forwards for the future to put along side Michael Newton.


Alan Didak for Pick 16 & Damon White

Didak is a gun but his time may be up with the Pies. Getting a 1st Rd pick for him plus a tall forward who could help replace and aging Rocca might be just what the Pies need. The Power could give the opposition fits with both Ebert and Didak up forward.

Pick 14 for Darren Jolly

The Pies need a ruckman and it has been suggested that Jolly wants to come home. If the Pies seriously believe they can win it all in 2008 than this move would be a wise one. Sydney needs to restock it’s pool of youth after trading away high picks in previous years so a 1st round pick would definitely appeal to them.


Alwyn Davey & Pick 39 for Brent Moloney

Some time soon the Bombers will face the challenge of either trading for Aaron Davey or trading away Alwyn. It seems the brothers are intent on playing together in the future. This move makes that happen and also gives the Bombers a hard midfielder that will help replace the Mark & Jason Johnson.

Leroy Jetta for Beau Waters

Waters would provide the Bombers with some hardness and pace across the midfield and halfback again as a replacement for the aging Johnson boys. The Eagles have been looking for a small forward since Matera retired and Jetta is just that. The Bombers have a lot of small crumbers in his age bracket so Jetta could be moved on.


Byron Schammer for Scott Welsh & Pick 43

This would send Schammer back to his home state and also provide the Dockers with a stay at home full forward. Although Fremantle have plenty of big names up forward none of them are true lead out full forward targets. Welsh could be the missing element that makes the Dockers the AFL’s elite forward line.

Ryan Crowley for Pick 26

This move would allow the Dockers to get another draft pick to stock up on you talent after they have moved some high picks in previous years. In turn St Kilda get another midfielder with leg speed that they desperately need.


This goes against my love for trades but if possible the Cats need to keep their list together. Clearly they are playing for each other and can go on to win more premierships if the salary cap doesn’t bite too hard. The only potential players that may move on are King and Blake given they are fighting for the same spot. However the club would be wise to keep both in case of injury.


Mark Williams for Andrew Embley

Williams would provide the Eagles with another target up forward and he could be moved on from the hawks given the stocks of young tall forwards they have. Embley would provide a valuable piece for the Hawks between half forward and half back.

Jarryd Roughead for Amon Buchanan & Pick 28

Sydney need to find replacements for Hall and O’Loughlin as they get older. Roughead would be just this. Buchanan would give the Hawks a goal kicking runner and another pick that could be traded or used to add more youth.

That’s it for the first half of the AFL. The next instalment will follow shortly.