AFL Online is pleased to announce our weekly banner competition. Thanks to the kind people at Sports Darts each weekly winner will receive a game of Footy Darts! To enter all you have to do is register on the forums and post your banner ideas each week, the winners will be selected by the forum administrators. As judges we will be looking for the most creative, wacky and humorous banners to be selected as the weekly prize winners. If you watch Before The Game on network 10 you will have a pretty good idea as to what were looking for. But if you are unfamiliar with the program then have a look at some of these examples.

Competition Threads:
Banner Competition: Week 1

What is Footy Darts?
Footy Darts is a magnetic game of darts based on the Aussie Rules Football. Basically you have to make your way up the field by throwing the darts in certain possession of the ground and then shoot for goal once you get within distance. For more information click here.

Rules of the competition:
1) Banners must be submitted before 10PM on Sundays AEST.
2) Banners cannot contain language that may offend others.
3) Banners may not contain more than 30 words.
4) Banners should be submitted in text only in the designated forum thread.

Free Postage World Wide
If the game gets lost in the mail it is up to to decide if they wish to re-send it.

Sponsored by Sports Darts