It’s that time of year that clubs have to reluctantly tell a number of players that they’re no longer required. It’s also the time that we farewell some of the games greats who have chosen to retire on their own behalf. We’ll keep this list updated throughout the off-season to make it easy for you to keep track.

It’s also important to remember that delisted players can easily join another club without having to go through the drafts thanks to free agency. The free agency period opens on September 30 and closes on the 18th of October. You can view all the important off-season dates here.


Graham Johncock (retired)


Niall McKeever (delisted)
Callum Bartlett (rookie) (delisted)
Richard Newell (rookie) (delisted)
Stephen Wrigley (rookie) (delisted)


Marcus Davies (delisted)
Aaron Joseph (delisted)
Jeremy Laidler (seeking trade)
Patrick McCarthy (delisted)
Luke Mitchell (delisted)
Andrew Collins (rookie) (delisted)
Frazer Dale (rookie) (delisted)
Rhys O’Keeffe (rookie) (delisted)


Ben Johnson (retired)
Alan Didak (delisted)
Darren Jolly (delisted)
Andrew Krakouer (delisted)
Jordan Russell (delisted)
Michael Hartley (rookie) (delisted)
Ben Richmond (rookie) (delisted)


David Hille (retired)
Nathan Lovett-Murray (retired)
Luke Davis (delisted)
Hal Hunter (rookie) (delisted)



Gold Coast

Jared Brennan (retired)
Jacob Gillbee (delisted)
Kyal Horsley (delisted)
Liam Patrick (delisted)
Maverick Weller (delisted)
Joel Wilkinson (delisted)

GWS Giants

Dean Brogan (retired)
Chad Cornes (retired)
Josh Growden (delisted)
Setanta O’hAilpin (delisted)
Bret Thornton (delisted)
Gerald Ugle (delisted)
Joe Redfern (rookie) (delisted)


Ciaran Kilkenny (rookie) (Returned to Ireland)


Aaron Davey (retired)
Joel Macdonald (retired)
David Rodan (retired)
Troy Davis (delisted)
Tom Gillies (delisted)
James Sellar (delisted)
Josh Tynan (delisted)
Tom Couch (rookie) (delisted)

North Melbourne

Ayden Kennedy (delisted)
Cameron Richardson (rookie) (delisted)
Ben Speight (rookie) (delisted)

Port Adelaide

Brett Ebert (retired)
Nathan Blee (delisted)
Nick Salter (delisted)
Daniel Stewart (delisted)
Matt Thomas (delisted)
Danny Butcher (rookie) (delisted)
Justin Hoskin (rookie) (delisted)
Darren Pfeiffer (rookie) (delisted)


Shane Tuck (retired)

St Kilda

Jason Blake (retired)
Justin Koschitzke (retired)
Stephen Milne (retired)


Jude Bolton (retired)
Marty Mattner (retired)
Mitch Morton (retired)

West Coast

Brad Dick (retired)
Andrew Embley (retired)
Ashton Hams (retired)
Mark Nicoski (retired)
Adam Selwood (retired)

Western Bulldogs

Daniel Cross (delisted)
Nick Lower (delisted)
Lukas Markovic (delisted)
Patrick Veszpremi (delisted)