1. Flag or bust for Chris Scott

Geelong have made some aggressive trades in recent years and have managed to top up their list with some very good players. Patrick Dangerfield say no more.

However the Cats haven’t had a first round draft selection in the past two drafts and they have already traded their 2017 1st round pick to Carlton in the Zach Tuohy trade.

If you’re going to be that aggressive you have to get results and if the Cats don’t win a flag this year then serious questions have to be asked of Chris Scott.

2. Vickery will put pressure on Damien Hardwick

I’m expecting big things from Tyrone Vickery this year and although he may not be a Richmond player anymore I think the effects will have a big influence on Damien Hardwick’s future as coach.

I’ve long been of the opinion that Hardwick’s game-plan absolutely murders forwards and I think getting out of Richmond was the best decision Tyrone Vickery will make in his career.

The problem Richmond have is their too embarrassed of their troubled past in sacking coaches that they are frightened to make the right decision when it comes to Hardwick.

3. The quality of AFLW is poor

Before I get hung out to dry I want to be clear in saying I think the AFLW is great and completely necessary. But in it’s inaugural season the skill level is terrible and on par with some bush footy under 18 teams.

Thankfully the AFL are committed to the long term growth of the competition which will, and already has, opened more avenues for women to get involved in playing the sport.

The flow down effect from having more teams and leagues will undoubtedly lead to better development programs and a higher quality top end of the sport.

4. Hutchy will be a great Footy Show host

Whether you love him or hate him, Hutchy will make a great host of the AFL Footy Show. For once we’re finally going to see the lighter side (pardon the pun) of Hutchy and that will be a breath of fresh air.

He plays the easy target role brilliantly but if you’ve ever listened to the podcast (The Sounding Board) that Hutchy produces along with Damien Barrett then you will know he has the talent and character to make a great host.

Don’t kid yourself though, they know their demographic and if you didn’t like The Footy Show beforehand then you’re probably going to dislike it still.