A poll on the popular fan forum Demonland.com has revealed that over 82% of Demon fans wanted McMahon to kick the goal after the siren to see their beloved team lose to Richmond on Sunday afternoon.

While the AFL continues to deny that tanking exists and ignores the problem at hand the result of the poll that just under 200 Melbourne fans have voted in is evidence that there is a clear problem with the current system.

The poll was simple. “Did you want McMahon to kick the goal?” with Yes & No options.

One Melbourne fan couldn’t believe that his club was about to win a meaningless game that could cost them a priority pick

“Mere seconds earlier I was fuming, filthy, devastated that I’ve sat through 3 years of utter garbage and it’s all going to mean nothing when we beat the worst team going around, in a meaningless game.” The supporter said.

“I had to look away when McMahon was kicking it. Figures that the biggest dud in their side, who couldn’t hit a target all day, was going to line up for the victory. I was ecstatic when he won it.

“Some people around me must have thought I was crazy, but they will all be very happy when Tom Scully is dominating the competition for the next 10 years.”

Others express their frustrations at the AFL for putting them in a situation where they would rather lose than win.

“I didn’t cheer but i wanted him to kick it. The AFL should be ashamed with themselves for putting fans like us in this position. Just get rid of the priority pick!” Said the forum member Pates.

Of course some of the Melbourne faithful refuse to support against their team.

“No, I’ll never go to support my team to lose.” said another member.

“That being said that was the worst game I have seen from 2 teams trying to win a game. We did not deserve to win it.”

As it stands Melbourne can win one more game and still receive a priority pick. Having won just 3 games in 2008 means that should they finish with less than 16.5 premiership points this season then their Priority Selection is taken before the First Round.

Fremantle are also in contention for a priority pick having won just 4 games this season. However the Dockers won 5 games last season meaning that should they not win another game they’ll receive a priority pick between the first and second rounds of the draft.

There is still a lot to be played out in the tanking story this season. In round 20 Melbourne take on Fremantle at the MCG, a ground the Dockers haven’t won at since round 4 in the 2007 season.

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