Perhaps it is time to take action. But how? The heads of the AFL, Andrew Demitriou and co. are not the most popular blokes going around in footy at the moment. The game is supposedly flying, off the back of the multi-million dollar TV rights deal. Add this to the overwhelming support by top sponsors such as the NAB and Toyota and the AFL should be on top of the world. Then why is it that many people in the press and on the street are constantly complaining about the so-called ‘state of the game’.

We’ve heard that saying many a time; ‘the state of the game’, but are we really in that much trouble? From a financial and therefore ‘safe’ point of view, most would argue not. Yet lets look at why there are so many people jumping up and down.

Driving home from work today, I had the radio on 3AW’s footy program. I heard a terrific suggestion. This was that the NAB cup fixture should be altered this weekend. The current fixture is as follows:
Brisbane vs Geelong (Telstra Dome)
Carlton vs Kangaroos (Cararra)
There are many problems with that fixture, the first being the negative side of things for the Brisbane Lions. They have done well, downing the Doggies on the weekend in an upset, as well as the Saints the week before. Surely they should be rewarded with not having to travel to Melbourne! This would also be a plus for the Kangaroos, who are looking to establish a fan-base up north. A mini-derby would prove to be a good crowd puller, as well as establishing a rivalry between the 2 teams up north.
As for the Cats and the Blues, well the positive for both is that they get to stay in Victoria for the weekend, and 2 Victorian teams should pull a better crowd than a Vic team vs an interstate team.

Now many people are probably saying, ‘Yeah, the AFL won’t do that though, changing the fixture is a big thing’. I agree, it won’t be done, but there are positives from every angle, every team, every supporter. Besides, if the AFL can introduce new, experimental rule changes with little warning at all, then why can’t they change the fixture for the NAB cup semis?

I know many people are probably reading this thinking I’m making a big deal over nothing, this is only the NAB cup we’re talking about here. Fair enough, but this is part of a bigger issue: the lack of voice that the supporters have over the state of the game! The bigwigs should start listening to us people and respond in a way that keeps us happy. After all, we effectively are the one’s who matter most.

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Chris Borg – 5th March 2007