One of the biggest game of the year is almost upon us on a day where we remember and honour the sacrifice of those who have served and died in all wars and conflicts for Australia and New Zealand. Fittingly we have the traditional clash between Collingwood and Essendon at the MCG in Melbourne and the first home and away match outside Australia between St Kilda and Sydney in Wellington, New Zealand.

Essendon v Collingwood
MCG, Thursday 2:40pm AEST


B: M.Hibberd, C. Hooker, M.Baguley
HB: B.Stanton, J.Carlisle, B.Goddard
C: D.Heppell, J.Watson, C.Dempsey
HF: J.Merrett, D.Hille, S.Gumbleton
F: K.Hardingham, S.Crameri, A.Davey
Foll: T.Bellchambers, B.Howlett, J.Winderlich
I/C: D.Zaharakis, D.Myers, H.Hocking, T.Colyer
Emg: N.Lovett-Murray, J.Melksham, T.Pears

In: K.Hardingham, T.Colyer, S.Crameri
Out: M.Hurley (ankle), T.Pears (omitted), J.Melksham (omitted)


B: N.Brown, A.Toovey, B.Reid
HB: M.Clarke, H.Shaw, H.O’Brien
C: S.Sidebottom, D.Swan, D.Thomas
HF: J.Elliott, T.Cloke, Q.Lynch
F: B.Sinclair, T.Goldsack, S.Dwyer
Foll: B.Hudson, S.Pendlebury, J.Blair
I/C: A.Fasolo, J.Russell, B.Macaffer, P.Seedsman
Emg: J.Witts, J.Thomas, B. Kennedy

In: T.Goldsack
Out: J.Thomas

St Kilda v Sydney
Westpac Stadium, Wellington 5:50pm AEST


B: N.Wright, S.Fisher, S.Gilbert
HB: S.Dempster, D.Roberton, J.Geary
C: L.Hayes, C.Jones, S.Ross
HF: D.Armitage, R.Stanley, N.Dal Santo
F: A.Saad, N.Riewoldt, J.Saunders
Foll: B.McEvoy, J.Steven, L.Montagna
I/C:: T.Dennis-Lane, T.Lee, J. Koschitzke, B.Murdoch
Emg: A.Siposs, T.Hickey, F.Ray

In: J.Koschitzke, S.Dempster, T.Lee, B.Murdoch, J.Saunders
Out: S.Milne (suspended), F.Ray (omitted), B.Maister (hand), T.Milera (omitted), T.Simpkin (omitted)


B: D.Rampe, H.Grundy, N.Smith
HB: M.Mattner, T.Richards, N.Malceski
C: K.Jack, R.O’Keefe, L.Jetta
HF: J.Bolton, S.Reid, D.Hannebery
F: M.Pyke, A.Goodes, B.McGlynn
Foll: S.Mumford, J.Kennedy, J.McVeigh
I/C: T.Armstrong, C.Bird, A.Everitt, L.Parker
Emg: M.Morton, T.Walsh, J. White

In: C.Bird, A.Everitt
Out: L. Roberts-Thomson (knee)