Sydney Swans tough man and former captain Barry Hall is understood to be seriously considering a move to boxing. The 31 year old is expected to spend some time training with boxer Danny Green in the coming few weeks, which could decide his future.

Hall is still contracted to the Swans for another year and would possibly have to pay the Swans compensation if he was to break the contract early. Although Green is trying to entice Hall into boxing, he agreed that his contracts might prevent him pulling on the gloves.

After a year filled with controversy, which saw him suspended for eight weeks for striking West Coast’s Brent Staker, the big forward seems keen to vent his frustration with his fists.

Sydney coach Paul Roos said that he was unaware of Hall’s plans of a possible switch to boxing.
“I would have thought if he was thinking about doing it he would have let us know,” Roos said yesterday.
“This time of year everyone is away and doing different things and I have not really spoken to him about it.”

Hall was a talented young boxer in his early years before he decided to pursue a football career and would easily slip back into the sport.

It is unlikely that Hall would be able to juggle boxing and football as he would want to put 100% into his boxing if he were to pursue it.