Blue’s Lachie Henderson is preparing to undergo groin surgery on Friday which spells the end of the season for the defender. Having experienced soreness for most of the year, he has missed several games which finally lead to a consultation with the club’s medical team confirming Henderson’s need for surgery.

Henderson explained his decision to bring forward the imminent surgery this week. He believes that rest alone wouldn’t necessarily be enough for him to completely recover or to secure his selection in the team late in the season. Ultimately, surgery would be required to alleviate his ongoing pain and having it now will give him the maximum amount of time to begin a preseason training program ahead of a successful 2013 comeback.

Andrew McKay, football manager for the Carlton Football Club, echoes club sentiments that Henderson earned a lot of respect continuing to play matches this year, despite his injury. He went on to say that even if Henderson missed the next five or six weeks without surgery, there is no certainty he would play another match this season, with surgery remaining an unquestionable necessity for Henderson’s full recovery.