The Western Bulldogs have maintained their second spot on the ladder after cruising to a 31 point victory over the Demons at Telstra Dome today winning 14.11.95 to 9.10.64.

Game Preview

My tip
Melbourne by 15 points

Players to watch out for

Jason Akermanis a really worry for the Dees, If Akermanis can get his hands on the ball nice and early, It may cause some real problem for Melbourne, We’ve all seen what he can do with his tricks, and is improving every week.

Brad Johnson the smiling assassin probably in Career best form, The skipper one of the best small forwards in the competition. His fit, and he’s 31. Really exciting player, A bit like Akermanis the Demons defense better be ready.

Adam Cooney I love this bloke, He’s young, fit, and in AA form Probably one of the best midfielders in the game, If he can get a few quick possessions early on in the game, It’ll be a worry for the Dees He’s a very good kick, makes good decisions and a disciplinary player.

Brad Green Having a alright season, Can play well in the midfield, He’s just the right player to lift up the demons.


Western bulldogs
Are in great form, Love to handball a quick side, Great defense there small forwards are brilliant and they’ve got a really good midfield.

A bit like the bulldogs, Except the bulldogs have a lot more talent, Melbourne are currently last on the ladder but in the past weeks have shown they can play good footy, What better team to beat the bulldogs then Melbourne.

Game Review

First Quarter
The bulldogs started on fire with Cooney looking to dominate the game with a centimeter perfect pass to Mitch Hann and got the doggy’s first goal. On the next bounce things looked about even with the ball traveling inside 50 both ends but none of the teams could convert But who better to set up the play then Nathan Eagellton with a great tackle on Morton gave the bulldogs another goal to lead 2 goals to nothing. The demons have been inside 50 a couple of times, But haven’t been able to convert The bulldog defense has been absolutely brilliant by spoiling most of the kicks that have came into Melbourne’s 50. The bulldogs are currently getting the ball through the demons midfield then running it through to there 50 So they do this again and find so much space on the ground, Almost like they’re at training and kick another goal It is 3.2 20 to 0.0 0. After 108 possessions the demons win the center clearance then a free kick to Melbourne gives them a goal, it took them 109 possessions to get a goal.

Quarter time
Bulldogs 3.2 20 Melbourne 1.0 6

After the first quarter the doggys got the center clearance then Nathan Jones got pushed in the back for a goal to start the second quarter, On the next center clearance the ball was struggling to get out of the midfield The demons finally go inside 50 but the doggy’s get it from the defense, And go inside 50 but from a poor umpiring decesion the doggys get a goal, The free kick should have really went to Melbourne, but it went to the bulldogs. The ball once again getting stuck in the midfield but the demons get away and a great run from Brad Green gives the Demons a goal. The doggys straight away get the next center clearance It goes into the forward pocket for the dogs, And Cooney delivers a great hand pass to Mitch Hann for a great goal.

Second quarter
A bit like the first quarter both teams went goal for goal, The demons still could win

Half Time
Bulldogs 7.4 46
Demons 4.2 26

Last quarter
The first bounce started a bit like the second quarter with both teams struggling to get it out But murphy got it away inside 50 for the bulldogs but Jamar threw the ball and gave the bulldogs the first score of the quarter. Both sides have no kicked a couple of behinds and it’s looking less likely that the demons will make a come back. After horrible decision making from both sides the demons finally get away with it and Micheal Newton kicks a behind, It would take a miracle for the demons to win from here. Quick play from the bulldogs from defense and Mitch Hann has kicked a goal, And the fat lady has sung, It’s all over the doggys have won. The demons finally get one back, But I’m afraid it’s to little to late. One of the good sign for the Demons is Watamaru he’s a really good player whos getting better every game. The final score

Western Bulldogs –  3.2 7.4 12.7 14.11 (95)

Melbourne – 1.0 4.2 5.6 9.10 (64)

Western Bulldogs: Akermanis 3, Minson 3, Eagleton 2, Giansiracusa 2, Hahn 2, Harbrow, Cross
Melbourne: Miller 3, Green 2, Dunn, C. Johnson, Buckley, Newton

Western Bulldogs: Cross, Boyd, Lake, Gilbee, Akermanis, Eagleton, Hill, Everitt
Melbourne: Bruce, Garland, , Wheatley, Martin, Miller Watamaru


Western Bulldogs: Welsh (back) out, replaced in selected side by Wight
Melbourne: Nil

Reports: Nil

Farmer, McLaren, Keating

Official crowd: 27,446 at Telstra Dome