Carlton full-forward Brendan Fevola has had enough of the constant speculation surrounding his contract negotiations as he and Carlton look to renew his contract.

The coleman medalist called Melbourne’s MMM radio station on his own behalf on Saturday and stated his intentions to stay at the football club and squashed the story that he was ‘shopping himself around with other clubs’.

“I’ve been there for 10 years, we’ve been through 5 years of hell and when all’s going up why would i want to leave? I’ve never stated that i would be going anywhere, ever and I’ve always stated that i want to be at the club and i want to play at Carlton Footy Club.”

“I just wanted to ring up to stop media people talking about, I will be at Carlton next year,”

“I’m sick of it, the club is sick of it and I think we just need to get down to playing footy and the deal will get done when it gets done.” Fevola said

Fevola stated hopefully the negotiations will be over sooner rather than later and that both parties are close to reaching an agreement.