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Free beer trays among MCG price changes

Free beer trays among MCG price changes
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Written by Michael on 2nd Mar 2015

Footy fans rejoice! No longer will we be slugged $1 each time we want to buy 4 mid-strength beers at $7.10 each.

That’s right, the MCG has this morning announced a new deal that will see food and drink prices drop by as much as 40%.

The new deal with hospitality partner EPICURE will see a $14 million investment over the next 14 years.

Product 2015 2014
Four’N Twenty Meat Pie $4 $4.80
Hot Chips $4 $5.80
Hot Dog $4 $6.50
Chicken Schnitzel Burger $7.50 $10
600ml Soft Drink $4 $5
Mount Franklin Water $3 $5
Sushi $5 $6.80
Salad $8 $11.50
Beer Tray $0 $1

The prices will take effect from the AFL season opener between Carlton and Richmond on April 2.