With the AFL trade week done and dusted it’s time to have a look at my initial thoughts on how the teams that made a deal fared. While some teams showed courage in making some moves other like Fremantle and
Essendon decided to stand pat. Initially I feel that St Kilda, Carlton and the Western Bulldogs were the big winners while Adelaide and Geelong come out on the other side of the ledger.

Adelaide receives: Sydney’s round two selection (No.28) GRADE C+
Sydney Swans receive: Martin Mattner. GRADE B+

The Swans game relies on run from half back and this season injuries to
Kennelly and Barry showed how vulnerable they are when this is missing.
Mattner provides them with another running option and will be a first
18 player. A very nice acquisition for pick 28 in a draft experts are
suggesting is fairly weak after the top 20 picks.

Carlton receives: Chris Judd and West Coast’s round three selection (No.46). GRADE A+
West Coast Eagles receives: Josh Kennedy and Carlton’s round one and two selections (No.3 and No.20) GRADE B

The Blues got Judd so they are a winner especially given that they did
so without having to give the Eagles Pick 1. Kennedy could be very
handy for the Eagles especially if he plays with a chip on his
shoulder. The Blues got the better of this deal but given Judd could
have walked for nothing the Eagles still got decent value in return.

Adelaide receives: Melbourne’s round three selection (No.37). GRADE C
Melbourne receives: John Meesen. GRADE B-

Melbourne needed to find a long term replacement for Jeff White and
Meesen could be just that. Giving up pick 37 was a nice way to do it
given that Wood and Hudson went for higher picks. Adelaide again
settled from lower picks in a weak draft.

Brisbane Lions receive: Collingwood’s round one selection (No.14). GRADE B+
Collingwood receives: Cameron Wood. GRADE B+

This is a great deal for both clubs. The Pies desperately needed a
boost to their ruck division and they got a long-term solution in Wood,
who is an aggressive young ruckman that looks to be going places.
Brisbane could afford to send him on his way given they still have
Luenberger and Charman and getting pick 14 which in turn became Travis
Johnson is a job well done.

Brisbane Lions receive: Travis Johnstone. GRADE A
Melbourne receives: Brisbane Lions’ round one selection (No.14) GRADE B-

Travis Johnson will have a field day in Brisbane. He could well have
his best seasons ever in the Sunshine State as he is no longer the
number one midfield option. Look for him to have an outstanding season.
Melbourne did ok with pick 14 but I think this trade is meant as a wake
up call for some others on the Demons list. If it has the desired
effect on the likes of Sylvia and Carroll this the grade could end up
being higher for the Dees.

Adelaide receives: Brad Moran. GRADE B
Kangaroos receive: Adelaide’s round three selection (No.37) GRADE B+

Another very even trade. The Crows needed ruck depth after the
departures of Meesan and Hudson and North could afford to move Moran
due to the continued development of Hale and McIntosh. Not a
spectacular trade but one that works for both clubs.

Adelaide receives: Brad Symes. GRADE B
Port Adelaide receives: Adelaide’s second round selection (No.28) GRADE B

With Mattner in Sydney and Torney delisted, Symes provides the Crows
with another solid defending option. Pick 28 seemed about the right
price to pay in a win/win deal for the two Adelaide clubs.

Richmond receives: Jordan McMahon. GRADE C-
Western Bulldogs receive: Richmond’s round two selection (No.19) GRADE B+

This trade reeked of Richmond wanting to do something to show the fans
they are trying to improve the list. I think they clearly overpaid for
a mid range player who will contribute to the team immediately but will
not do so with any major influence. For mine I think the Tigers could
have done much better with Pick 19 especially when you consider the
Lions got Travis Johnstone with pick 14. The Bulldogs on the other hand
would be ecstatic to pick up such a high pick for a player that often
draws the ire of fans. A big win for the Doggies here.

Sydney Swans receive: Henry Playfair. GRADE C
Geelong receives: Sydney’s round three selection (No.44) GRADE B

A bit of a nothing trade but a reasonable return for the Cats. Sydney
need to find some younger talls for both the forward line and defense
as they are fairly old in these areas. While Playfair is younger than
what they have I don’t see him being the answer for the Swans.

St Kilda receives: Adam Schneider and Sean Dempster. GRADE A
Sydney Swans receive: St Kilda’s round two selection (No.26) GRADE C

A huge win for the Saints who are looking for leg speed and run from
defense. Schneider should provide another avenue to goal which will be
needed in the post Gehrig era and both players would be familiar with
the game style that Ross Lyon will try to play. It’s interesting that
Sydney took only a second round pick for these players. Perhaps there
were salary cap issues? Also Dempster’s opportunities may have been
limited with the arrival of Mattner.

Richmond receives: Mitch Morton. GRADE B+
West Coast Eagles receive: Richmond’s round three selection (No.35) GRADE C

This was a shrewd move by the Tigers and indicates that they will most
likely take Mitch’s brother Cale at pick 2 in the national draft. The
Eagles got about eighty cents on the dollar with this trade but Morton
also became expendable once Kennedy arrived in the Chris Judd trade.

St Kilda receives: Steven King and Charlie Gardiner. A
Geelong receives: St Kilda’s round six selection (No.90). D

This deal must have been a salary dump. That’s the only way I can
explain Geelong giving up two players that have reasonable value for
next to nothing. I still can’t believe they didn’t get a higher pick
from St Kilda or anyone else. From the Saints end this is an absolute
bargain. They now have the ruck option they have been missing since the
days of Spider Everitt and in Gardiner they get a player that can back
up Kozzie and Riewoldt should either of them get injured. This was
clearly the most one sided deal of trade week for me.

West Coast Eagles receive: Western Bulldogs selections (No. 22) and (No.54). GRADE B
Western Bulldogs receive: West Coast Eagles’ selections (No.30), (No.35) and (No.62) GRADE B

This deal got done to let Bulldogs complete other deals. Nothing too
exciting but the sort of deals I like to see get done in trade week as
it allows other moves to be made.

Adelaide receives: Western Bulldogs’ round selection (No.30) and (No.38). GRADE C
Western Bulldogs receive: Ben Hudson and selection (No.43). GRADE B+

Once again Adelaide get a less than impressive return for a decent
player. For the Bulldogs Hudon fills a massive need and should
instantly improve there midfield and clearance play. The Crows were in
a tough position given Hudson wanted out but I still think they may
have been able to get more. Another great win for the Bulldogs in what
was a very good trade period for them.

Western Bulldogs receive: Tim Callan and Geelong’s round four selection (No.66) GRADE C+
Geelong receives: Western Bulldogs’ round four selection (No.62) GRADE C+

Callan won the Cats reserve’s best and fairest in a premiership team so
he may well have something to offer the Dogs especially when you
consider Andrew Carrazzo was a player with similar credentials while
with Geelong. In saying that, Geelong were in no way ripped off by
moving up four draft spots while giving away a player that is yet to
prove himself at the top level and may well end up showing nothing for
the Dogs.

Kangaroos receive: Ben Davies GRADE C+
Collingwood receives: Kangaroos’ round six selection (No.96) GRADE C+

Another trade that will have little impact on either team. Davies may
have avoided being delisted and the Kangaroos didn’t give up much to
get him.

Kangaroos receive: Sam Power. GRADE B-
Western Bulldogs receive: Kangaroos’ round three selection (currently No.48). GRADE B-

Another move by the Kangaroos that will add some depth to their playing
list. They had 9 players with less than fifty games up play finals last
year so Power should help address their list balance a little. Pick 48
was a fair price to pay in what was a break even deal.

Carlton receives: Richard Hadley. GRADE B-
Brisbane Lions receive: Carlton’s round four selection (No.52) GRADE C

Another solid move by the Blues who added a young premiership player
that has had injury issues in the previous couple of seasons. I think
they got the slight edge in this deal but Hadley was also expendable
with the arrival of Travis Johnstone in Brisbane. Hadley will provide
some more midfield depth for the Blues which may well be needed given
Stevens and Judd are both coming of serious injuries as they head into
next season.

Article written by Luke Mather from oneweekatatime.com.au