Barry Hall and the Sydney Football Club will cop the seven week suspension handed to them by the tribunal on the chin and move on much alike Hall’s king hit on West Coast’s Brent Staker.

Hall didn’t make the trip down to Melbourne to fight his striking charge in person but did face the tribunal via a video link.

The hit to Stakers jaw was the talking point of the match played on Saturday night which left Staker with concussion but clear of a broken jaw after the sickening incident.

Regardless of the suspension Hall may struggle to return in time for the round twelve match against St Kilda after he broke his wrist late in the game on Saturday night. Hall had surgery on the wrist earlier in the week which he injured after running into an advertising sign which simply gave way and left him with a broken wrist and a cut to his head.

Meanwhile Staker isn’t a certainty to lineup against Port Adelaide in the round 5 match at Subiaco this Sunday but a West Coast spokesman said he was cleared of a broken jaw and the concussion isn’t servere.

“He is a chance to play (Port), the concussion is not too bad,” the spokesman said.

“Our doctors are actually quite confident he will come up.”

Stakers position in the team will be finalized after the Friday training session which he is expected to participate in.