There as been some significant injuries already in the 2008 season with some big names getting injured and a fair list of players suffering long term injuries, such as ACL’s. Here is a list of each teams injuries lists at this stage of the season club by club. The list will let you know the injury the player has suffered and also how long they are expected to be out for. A ‘test’ signifies that a player needs to undergo a fitness test before they can play.


Bryce Campbell Ankle test

Greg Gallman knee test

Aaron Kite knee 1 week

Kris Massie hamstring 1 week

Myke Cook hamstring 1-2 weeks

Nick Gill hamstring 2 weeks

Luke Jericho fractured sternum 2 weeks

Chris Knights quad 2 weeks

Brad Moran finger 2-3 weeks

Brent Reilly wrist 4 weeks

Rhett Biglands knee season


Matt Austin shoulder test

Jamie Charman calf test

Tom Collier hamstring test

Pearce Hanley hamstring test

Ashley McGrath ankle test

Phil Smith achillies test

Joel Tippet quad test

Jason Roe qaud 1 week

Josh Drummond quad 4 weeks

Matthew Moody groin indefinate

Sam Sheldon groin indefinate


Joe Anderson ankle test

Luke Blackwell thigh test

Shaun Hampson ankle test

Ryan Houlihan hip test

Sam Jacobs ankle test

Andrew Walker shoulder indefinate


Jaxson Barham shoulder 1-2 weeks

Scott Burns calf 1-2 weeks

Simon Prestigiacomo foot indefinate

Sean Rusling shoulder indefinate

Brad Dick knee season


Angus Monfries virus available

Jay Neagle foot available

Cale Hooker virus available

Matthew Lloyd calf test

Courtenay Dempsey hamstring 1 week

Scott Gumbleton hamstring 2 weeks

Tom Hislop wrist 2 weeks

Leroy Jetta hamstring 2 weeks

Sam Lonergan hamstring 3 weeks

Mark McVeigh hamstring 4 weeks

Scott Lucas knee 7-9 weeks

Heath Hocking groin 8-10 weeks

Andrew Lee shoulder indefinate


Heath Black thigh 1-2 weeks

Des Headland knee test

Michael Johnson calf test

Mark Johnson knee brusing 1 week

Luke Webster knee 10 weeks

Paul Hasleby knee season


Tom Lonregan finger test

Andrew Mackie quad test

Brad Ottens foot 1 week

Nathan Djerrkura quad 2 weeks

Matthew Egan foot indefinate


Tim Boyle hip test

Trent Croad wrist test

Sam Mitchell calf test

Travis Tuck knee test

Stuart Dew hamstring 2 weeks

Max Bailey knee 4-5 weeks

Beau Muston knee season


Ben Holland quad available

John Meeson ankle test

Paul Johnson hand 3 weeks

Ricky Petterd groin 4-6 weeks

Jack Grimes back indefinate


David Hale quad test

Josh Gibson knee 2-3 weeks

Robbie Tarrant shoulder 12 weeks

Leigh Adams knee indefinate

Nathan Grima knee season


Matt Thomas foot to be assessed

Michael Wilson achilles indefinate


Mark Coughland knee available

Angus Graham hip available

Andrew Raines knee 1-2 weeks

Danny Meyer hip 2 weeks


Michael Gardiner calf test

Robert Harvey corked thigh test

Adam Schnieder hamstring test


Peter Everitt knee test

Tim Schmidt knee test

Heath Grundy foot 1 week

Henry Playfair hamstring 1-2 weeks

Nic Fosdike knee 2 weeks

Barry Hall wrist 6-8 weeks

Brett Meredith shoulder 6-8 weeks

Nick Malceski knee indefinite

Kristin Thornton knee season


Andrew Embley virus test

Jaymie Graham knee test

Brent Staker jaw/consussion test

David Wirrapunda hamstring test

Sam Butler groin 1-2 weeks

Mark Lecras groin 2-3 weeks

Matt Priddis knee 2-3 weeks

Mitch brown knee season


Scott West knee 1 week

Tom Williams thigh 1 week

Shaun Higgins ankle 12-14 weeks