I heard a stat that Adelaide had not yet beaten a top 8 side. This leaves a big question mark over them as final contenders. The way for them to be considered a threat is to beat Collingwood today, but it will be a tough ask, especially in Melbourne. Although they have one of the best small defenders in the league, if Collingwoods smalls, in Medhurst, Didak, Thomas and Davis, get a roll on, I don’t think they can hold them…

My Tip: Collingwood by 14 pts

B: Heath Shaw, Shane Wakelin, Tarkyn Lockyer
HB: Martin Clarke, Nick Maxwell, Harry O’Brien
C: Ben Johnson, Scott Burns, Rhyce Shaw
HF: Scott Pendlebury, Travis Cloke, Chris Bryan
F: Alan Didak, Nathan Brown, Paul Medhurst
Foll: Cameron Wood, Dane Swan, Dale Thomas
I/C: Shane O’Bree, Tyson Goldsack, Leon Davis, John Anthony

B: Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Nathan Bassett
HB: Kris Massie, Nathan Bock, Brad Symes
C: Michael Doughty, Robert Shirley, Nathan van Berlo
HF: Chris Knights, Brett Burton, Tyson Edwards
F: Jason Porplyzia, Kurt Tippett, Richard Douglas

Foll: Ivan Maric, Simon Goodwin, Scott Thompson
I/C: Jonathon Griffin, Bernie Vince, Scott Stevens, Bryce Campbell

First Quarter:
Adelaide had the early running, kicking the first two goals of the match, even if one was through a dodgy free kick against Wakelin. Thry were able to apply intense defensive pressure which resulted in Collingwood bot entering their forward 50 until the clock was down to 15 mins left.

As the game evened up, Medhurst and Davis both had shots on goal but both resulted in points. At this stage, both teams are tackling hard and often.

Collingwoods backline has been under immense pressure. although their young talls are giving their all, they seem to find the most trouble finding options when they clear.

Burton took a good pack mark directly in front and converted to give Adelaidea 16 pt advantage. After a great tackle and a free kick, Cloke had a shot on goal that fell short but after a long bomb into the forward line, Bryan took a strong grab and converted for the pies.

In some back news for Adelaide, it looks as though Porplyzia has gone off with an injury to his arm or wrist.

Burton bobbed up with another mark but hit the post with his shot on goal. Afterwards, the ball travelled up the other end and a long-sleeved Thomas nailed Cloke on a lead, only for him too, to hit the post. Collingwoods forward pressure has resulted in two rushed behinds in a matter of seconds, and have meant Johncock has been unable to find a target kicking out.

After Adelaide dominanted the early parts of this quarter, the momentum has definately turned to Collingwood. After a great Davis tackle, Thomas had a flying shot that landed in R.Shaws lap, who kicked a snapped goal and brought them back to 2pts behind.

Edwards has been prominant, and after a clearance, he moved it onto Symes and in turn, Tippet took a great one on one mark against Wakelin but could only hit the post. The pressure applied by both sides in their forward 50’s has been a highlight, this time it resulted in a nice spot up to Maric who was able to convert and give Adelaide some breathing space back.

Once again, the tackling is crazy, Medhurst and then Anthony have resulted in a free kick and after the advantage, Cloke almost took a half-volley but then an Adelaide player recklessly gave away a free for head high contact but once again, no goal was the result.

Wakelin on Tippet: Wakelin gave away a couple of free kicks and Tippet looked dangerous.
Bock on Cloke: Although Cloke was able to present well, he quite often was unable to complete marks etc but Bock hasnt had his usual run from defense.
Shirley on Swan: Swan was able to have a few clearances but close contest at this stage
Maxwell on Burton: Burton was all class early in the quarter, having numerous shots on goal, although Maxwell improved in the latter stages

Second Quarter:
Very congested in the middle at the start of the 2nd quarter. For the first time this match I really noticed the numbers Adelaide had behind the ball..

Didak brilliantly ran down Massie but after the free kick, Collingwood were only able to poke it in and around 50, due to Adelaides numbers. Again, the tackling pressure is amazing. Clarke was able to catch Thompson holdong the ball across the crows forward line.

Adelaide we able to force Collingwood to chip short and try to find free players, but an errant Medhurst kick resulted in an adelaide player finding Burton, who unselfishly gave it off for another Adelaide goal. Burton is again getting on top of Maxwell, who have away a blatant free kick right in front only 20m out and Burton doesnt miss those.

After a tough, scrappy centre clearance, Tippet was able to take good contested mark over Brown, right on 50 but was unable to convert. Collingwood are starting to feel the pressure and their kicks are missing targets. Didak has seen a bit of it, but quite often a fair way up the ground. Adelaide are now playing with plenty of numbers back, and Collingwood are yet to adjust and have bombed forward.

Last few minutes have been ugly with the ball chipped around Adelaides defensive half, but after they were able to get it forward, Maxwell once again gave a free kick away to Burton who slammed it home from 50m, resulting in O’Brien being moved onto him.

Finally Collingwood have scored a goal, some good vision by Thomas found Johnson who kicked the goal, with possibly his first kick!.. Collingwood still look unlikely to score with Adelaides numbers.. Its not attractive but has been effective..

Collingwood have not set up their wall across the centre and it has become a game of aerial ping-pong.. until Medhurst was able to take a good grab 15m out, but played on and hit the post..

Cloke looks to have Bock beaten one on one, took a grab and moved it on and Medhurst kicked one of his stock-standard goals from 50 out on the boundary..

Here come Collingwood!.. a Centre clearance from Ryce Shaw, some invlovement from Davis and and smart kick from Cloke results in another goal for Collingwood.. Unfortunatly for the Pie fans though, Burton answered with a good roving goal to take it back out to 16 pts..

Again, great pressure from Collingwood has resulted in a free kick for a throw on their forward 50, a quick kick found Anthony but he was unable to convert.. After Adelaide cleared it tough, O’Brien was able to spoil Burton and then Collingwood intercepted a pass, moved it on to Thomas who snapped a great goal to bring it back to 9 pts..

Finally we have seen some clean movement of the football from Collingwood and has landed in Anthony’s lap after some good body work, kicked the goal, down to 3 pts, the half time margin..

Match ups:
Maxwell on Thompson: Maxwell was moved into the middle once taken off Burton
O’Brien on Burton: Pretty contest once this match up was made, Burton kicking one from ground level
Wakelin on Stevens: Both very quiet this quarter, win to Wakelin

Collingwood 7.8.50
Adelaide 8.5.53

Adelaide have come out hard at the start of both the first and Second quarters, with Collingwood pegging back in the latter stages. Collingwoods tackling pressure has been amazing, while Adelaide have gotten numbers behind the ball. Burton has been dangerous up forward with 4 oals, giving Maxwell a lesson before O’Brien was moved onto him. Cloke has been good, without being dominant on the score board. Interesting to note that Collingwood have had 7 individual goal scorers, while obviously Burton has been the dominant forward on the ground.

Third Quarter:
Nick Maxwells bad day has continued, Thompson marking over the top of him but luckily no goal was scored..

Great start to the third quarter without a goal being scored, good contests all over the ground, the first goal is going to be crucial.. Pressure from both sides is still high.. Just as it looked to be opening up for Collingwood, Medhurst did a Fev and was more concerned with getting a free than getting the ball..

Who is this Kid Anthony?.. Great pack mark after a long kick in from Lockyear, and kicked truely to give Collingwood the first goal on the term and to give Collingwood the lead, possibly for the first time today..

Burton has gone down now clutching his knee, and stretcher has been called.. as he is down, the commentators have said that Porplyzia re-did his shoulder, not his arm.. doesnt look good, although the incident didnt look that bad.. Johncock has now gone forward to replace Burton.. Along with Basset?..

Again, the pressure in Adelaides defensive 50 is causing great problems.. Collingwood are looking to play on more, and get the ball flowing forward which has the game being played on their terms, without putting the score on the board..

Poor option by Rutten going forward, chose a 2 on 1 rather than a 1 on 1, where the Collingwood player slipped over.. it is amazing that with only 7 1/2 minutes left in the term, only one goal has been kicked, and although there have been some numbers back, it hasnt been so noticable that I would call it an ugly game.. it has been a good contest, just not many goals scored..

It looks as though Bock has now been swung forward with Basset heading back where he belongs.. Good scrappy play from Collingwood forced the ball out to Pendlebury (who has been quiet) who kicked long from outside 50, and Medhurst took a great mark running back, with Stevens hanging off him, in the goal square..

Again, a long kick into the 50, to the square from Ryce Shaw has resulted in a Collingwood goal.. Medhurst took a ripper of a mark, could be considered a contender.. 16 pts now in Collingwoods favour..

Another great run down, this time by O’Bree as an Adelaide player was streaming through the centre and it looked like Adelaide would score..

Ryce Shaw needs to buy or borrow some kicking boots, has now missed 3 or 4 possible goals, but is getting plenty of it..

Adelaide Goaless in the Third term..

Match Ups:
Rutten On Cloke: With Bock forward, Cloke was picked up by Rutten, for the short time they were together, cloke gathered some possesssions around the 50
O’ Brien On Johncock: O’Brien took Johncock once Burton went off, although there wasnt much ball coming in, Johncock was unable to get near it, which resulted in him being put back into defense

Collingwood 10.11.71
Adelaide 8.7. 55

Fourth Quarter:
Tough and Tight again at the start of the final term.. Ball up after ball up.. until Lockyear got the ball out, Shaw pumped it forward, Medhurst got it to Didak who nailed it from 50..

Worrying signs for Adelaide, the door could almost be shut, even though it is early but 22 points, low scoring and only 2 left on the bench..

Collingwood now look to have one or two players back, which has cause confusion to the Crows players not wanting to turn it over when going forward.. Johncock has taken a leaf out of the Collingwood book and is still tackling well, but a long bomb was unable to find a target and they may now need to rely on the midfielders to kick some goals..

Adelaide are still running hard though the middle of the ground but the kicks are going straight to Collingwoods lose man

Free kick to Swan on the 50.. Shirley has been good on him most of the day, but it looked to be an act of tiredness and desperation.. the kick came in long, very scrappy but Collingwood fought to keep it alive through Thomas and Cloke, who eventually got it to Medhurst, cherry picking in the goal square..

After chipping it around the centre-wing, davis was able to hit Cloke, who couldnt make the distance but Adelaide are unable to clear with Collingwoods numbers outside the 50.. Finally Adelaide were able to get clear and looked dangerous but were unable to keep their feet and turned it back over..

Understandably Adelaide look dead on their feet, with only the 2 players on the bench, and most of this quarters play has been in Collingwoods attacking half.. or when it does get forward, Collingwood are able to clear..

O’Brien did so, and Davis was able to pinpoint Medhurst on the lead, but his kick let him down.. 30pts in Collingwood favour.. All credit to Adelaide, they are fighting this out.. running hard and tackling, to cause a turnover and a shot on goal for Douglas.. and he made no mistake, kicking Adelaides first goal since half time, 8 1/2 minutes left..

Marty Clarke, Goal from 50.. Unbelievable this kid.. I have been impressed with him today, mainly due to his disposal.. has hit pretty much every target and then nailed a long goal..

Medhurst now having another shot on goal after a one on one mark against Basset.. Possibly a free kick should have been awarded, but Medhurst kicked the goal for a total of 5, and the game is pretty much gone..

Still fighting are Adelaide though, Knights scoring a nice roving goal from a snap.. still 30 pts.. most of the feeling is now starting to go out of the game though..

Once again, Adelaide were unable to clear from a kick in, a bad error by Goodwin, meant Bryan was able to hit Wood inside 50 who didnt dissapoint with his kick..

the game has slowed down now, with player taking a long time to get to their feet.. Surprise, Surprise, a long kick into Adelaides forward line has resulted in a roving goal to Douglas.. Adelaide still trying hard but I think they realise they are just playing out time..

Another Kick on goal for Medhusrt, but could only hit the post.. Has been dominant in the second half though..

All over, in the end a convincing win to Collingwood by 32 pts.. Adelaide fought hard considering their injuries..

Collingwood 2.5 7.8 10.11 15.16 (106)
Adelaide 4.2 8.5 8.7 11.8 (74)

Medhurst 4, Anthony 2, Cloke 2, Bryan, R. Shaw, Johnson, Thomas, Didak, Clarke, Wood
Adelaide: Burton 4, Douglas 2, Van Berlo, Tippett, Maric, Stevens, Knights

R. Shaw, Medhurst, Clarke, Anthony, O’Brien, Cloke
Adelaide: Knights, Edwards, Thompson, Van Berlo, Bock, Burton

Adelaide: Porplyzia (shoulder), Burton (knee)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Meredith, Ryan, McInerney

Official crowd: 52,592 at the MCG