There is nothing like the roar of the crowd when a players kicks an amazing goal. Over the years there has been some sensational snaps, mid-air marvels, breathtaking bombs and remarkable runs. While there are plenty of lists of the best goals, I decided compile my favourites.

Here is my top 15 AFL goals of all time.

15. Derek Kickett vs. Victoria

Starting off with a with the EJ Whitten Legends game but sorry, no Hutchy here. Derek Kickett was a great player to watch during his career and this shows that you never lose pure talent despite stacking on the kilos. I still have no idea how he managed to move as he did and kick the ball over his guts to slot this one.

14. Jeff Fehring vs. Collingwood

This one is a monster from Saint Jeff Fehring. Off about four or five steps the ruckman launches it from behind the centre circle and bounces about a metre out. I’m not sure if it the longest but it looked to be a massive roost.

13. Gary Ablett Jnr vs. Geelong

The little master is incredible to watch and it wouldn’t be a list without him. Its ironic that he kicks this cracker against his old side down at Kardinia Park and even they have to stand and applaud this effort, running almost directly at the boundary line.

12. Gavin Wanganeen vs. Richmond

I loved watching Wanganeen as a kid and this goal out of mid-air against the Tigers was pearler. For the Brownlow Medalist, this was no fluke. Running full pelt on the boundary line, the ball sits nicely for him and he has the skill to slice it in like a top soccer striker. (The quality isn’t great on this one. It looks like someone forgot to turn on the floodlights.)

11. David King vs. Brisbane Lions

David King was an exciting player to watch, with his run off half-back for the Roos. There is plenty of running goals that could make the list, but this freak kick out of mid-air from outside the 50m arc is unforgettable.

10. Tony Modra vs. Richmond

Tony Modra’s highlight reel would easily stack up with the best of them. While he was most known for his high marking, he also kicked some great goals. This goal against Richmond was one of his best. His multiple efforts here, followed by the snap from the boundary is incredible.

9. Michael Mitchell vs. Sydney

This was probably one of the best running goals ever. After picking up the loose ball at half back, Mitchell’s speed is ridiculous and no one can get near him. He sprints at top speed, weaves around a few players and manages to run to 25m before slotting the goal. (Again the quality is pretty poor on this one).

8. Peter Bosustow vs. Geelong

Peter Bosustow was a colourful character and backed up his flamboyant ways with amazing marks and goals. In 1981, his first year at the Blues, Bosustow not only won the goal of the year with this stunning effort, but also claimed the mark of the year.

7. Malcolm Blight vs. Carlton

What can be said about this goal? Widely voted as the best goal ever, Blight was miles from home and kicked a mammoth goal to win the game.

6. Daniel Wells vs. Fremantle

Who can forget this effort from Daniel Wells. Amazing improvisation and aerobatics to ‘Jack Chan’ this one through and seal the game for his team with just minutes to go.

5. Gary Ablett Snr vs. South Australia

I love this goal. Ablett Snr, to me, is the great player I’ve ever seen and I loved watching him as a kid. This goal over his head from the behind line in 1994 State of Origin game typified the magic that he could produce.

4. Michael Long vs. Carlton

Michael Long was pure magic and his running goal in the 1993 Grand Final was unforgettable. Poor Steven Silvagni still reckons he touched it but what an eye-catching run. Some great commentry from Sandy Roberts tops it off.

3. Michael McGuane vs. Carlton

Even if you’re not a Magpies supporter (and I’m not), this goal gets you pumped. Despite only running from the centre, McGuane has to run across to the wing to find space before heading towards goal. The Copeland Trophy winner takes seven bounces before slotting the goal, while selling some of the best candy you’ve ever seen.

2. Wayne Carey vs. Essendon

This one might be a little bias (as I am a North Melbourne fan) but the King has to make the list. In an amazing match that saw him go head to head with Matthew Lloyd in a shootout, Carey dobbed this stunner, off balance with the outside of his opposite boot. Again some great commentary from Drew Morphett.

1. Peter Daicos vs. West Coast

To be honest, I probably could have made this whole list purely from Peter Daicos goals. Despite hating Collingwood, Peter Daicos was amazing to watch. This is my favourite goal of all time and widely regarded as one of the best goals ever. For me this goal is on a whole different level to the rest. You almost have to try this to appreciate the complexity of this goal. You see players kick goals from this spot along the ground every few weeks, as the ball naturally rolls toward the goal, however kicking this in the air is near on impossible. When you kick it in the air the ball swings away from the goal. To be that deep in the pocket, almost directly facing the boundary and do that is mind blowing. I find myself watching this goal over and over.

So there it is. Some amazing goals in that list. Remember, this isn’t necessarily the best goal of all time, but my personal favourites. Let me know your thoughts below and your favourite goals ever.