CONTROVERSIAL football commentator and media man Sam Newman today revealed that he is battling a life-threatening prostate cancer.

Newman, 62, underwent an operation today to remove the cancer but it won’t be known for several days if the cancer had spread to other parts of the body.

Sam was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 weeks ago however Urologist Laurence Harewood was optimistic that Newman would win the battel since the cancer was discovered at a fairly early stage and because his fitness.

After the shock diagnosis Sam was quick to admit that some may welcome the news.

“People will say it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, and I accept all that.” he said.

“If you’re out there giving it, you’ve got to cop it.

“It does go through your mind just where it’s all going to end.”

The word ‘cancer’ is scary itself but the figures are even more frightening. Records show that prostate cancer claims close to 3000 Australian every year and around 250 cases are diagnosed every week.

In 1995 Footscray champion and AFL legend Ted Whitten died of prostate cancer at the same age as Newman is today, 62.