For those of you who are entering a Supercoach Dream Team league you’ll soon find out the ten million dollar salary cap is as tight as Dolly Parton’s bra. The proven players in the league are very expensive and you can only fit so many of them into your team.

For those that came in late, the values of these players are not set. If one of your players is in form, then his value will increase, thus giving you the option of upgrading your list as the season goes on. With a limited amount of trades per season, this is often a task that is fraught with danger.

The most important selection you will make will be the make up of your first team. Get that wrong and your season is over. So where are the bargains?


Jason Porplyzia (349,500): Has been in the system a few years now and has had a very good pre-season. Not many will be on to Porplyzia but as a forward I think he’ll have quite a good average which will boost his value.

Kurt Tippett (94,200): Tippett will get a gig up forward and may even pinch hit in the ruck. Forwards or defenders who can rack up hit out points can be very handy.

James Sellar (94,200): Opportunity also knocks for Sellar as well as Tippett. Maybe both of these young blokes will get games early on during the season. There are vacancies in the forward lines and Sellar has been impressive during the preseason comp. Worth a spot on the bench at least at this price.


Rhan Hooper (377,600): If you are looking for a player who is about to have a career best season that not many other players have you can’t go past Rhan Hooper. Hooper is more focussed than in previous years and with his undoubted talent the performances will come. Perhaps the best time to acquire Hooper would be after he puts in the inevitable shocker and his price goes down. Will have a purple patch at some stage.

Matthew Leuenberger (203,900): The rucks is one area when you can save some money with only a couple of the breed racking up the big points. Leuenberger appeals as and ideal second or third ruckman who is rated by his club and this equals ground time.


Marc Murphy (429,900): Murphy will relish this season with Nick Stevens and Chris Judd taking all of the defensive pressure that was forced on to him last season. Murphy will start getting a lot of ball but must use it well consistently in order for his low (for a midfielder) price to appreciate.

Nick Stevens (326,800): Nick Stevens is an absolute steal at this price. Sure, he’ll be tagged but the introduction of Judd takes the pressure of Stevens. He was over 500,000 last year and Supercoach has slashed his price because of that neck injury, which has been handled in a most conservative manner by the Blues. Get on.

Shaun Hampson (101,900): A lot of punters will plump for the more expensive Kruezer but Hampson is the horse to back here as he is more experienced and a bit better developed. Hampson might even jump the queue and if he overtakes Ackland this season expect Hampson’s value to double at least.


Nothing stands out for the Pies for mine. Tyson Goldsack might be worth a punt at 402k or Harry Obrien at 282k but other defenders appeal more. Goldsack probably the best bet.


Leeroy Jetta (152,900): Expect Jetta to get early games this season and hold his spot. Last year he was like a bullet out of a gun before getting hurt and spending the rest of the year guessed it, Matty Knights and the Bendigo Bombers.

Bacher Houli (147,400): Houli is another of the younger squadron who will get the odd game here and there and was in fact named as a bargain buy in the papers recently. However I believe that Jetta is ahead of him in the queue and well worth the additional five grand outlay.


Des Hedland (424,200): Players who get switched to midfield always rack up more stats than in previous seasons and this drives up their value. However if this player is a defender then the factor is not as prevalent as defenders rack up some good points. As a forward who will play in midfield more due to Haselby’s injury, expect Hedland to be top shelf by the year’s end. This guy is cherry ripe.

Robert Warnock (254,800): His price has doubled since last season, boy these Supercoach boys don’t miss much. He is still short though and questions remain over Sandilands longevity in the game for mine. Warnock is the genuine article.


Harry Taylor (94,200): You can expect Taylor to come into the back six to cover the loss of Matty Egan. Perhaps Tom Lonergan (149k) might spoil the party but Taylor at 94 is worth considering. While Taylor is a rookie, he is 21 and has the body, if not the experience to fulfil a key defensive post.

Most Geelong players are horribly overpriced. Of the established players the only hint of a bargain is Andrew Mackie at 417,200 who might appeal as a cheaper option than Darren Milburn.


Robert Campbell (328,200): Campbell would be a good choice for your number one ruckman. Many will consider Hamish McIntosh of North but I believe Campbell will return similar numbers at a hundred grand cheaper. If the Hawks have a good year Campbell’s value could go as high as 450.

Travis Tuck (112,700): Travis Tuck might be that early season bolter who grabs his chance while the senior Hawks sit on the sidelines suspended. Not a long term option but could be an early season value accumulator.

Cyril Rioli (94,200): Rioli is an excitement machine in the Alywn Davey mould with electrifying pace and real goal sense. I reckon Clarkson is keen to inject him into the lineup and if this eventuates watch is value soar.


The price quoted for many Melbourne players is quite frankly ridiculous. Best bets here are Simon Buckley at 191k who could put his hand up to take Travis Johnstone’s spot in midfield and to a lesser extent Jace Bode at 260k. Stay away I reckon.

North Melbourne

Lee Harding (179,900): Players coming back from injury are always a risk but I feel that Harding could be a real find in terms of dream team value. With plenty to prove and a good pre-season behind him, Harding stands out as the bargain from the Roos for mine.

Port Adelaide

Travis Boak (338,500): Last year Port had the bolter with David Rodan (forget him this year at 482!) and they could well have this year’s bolter as well in the form of Travis Boak. This young gun was selected ahead of Joel Selwood in the draft and can play so if you are looking at a Pendelbury/Selwood level player, Boak is the value.

Matt Thomas (177,000): This guy can really play but has been hampered by injury so far in his career. If he stays on the park expect big numbers and that price to rise dramatically. A bit of a risk but one that will pay huge dividends if he can get his body right.


Anything can happen with the Tigers. I just can’t see any value. There are so many cheaper players who might get rotated in and out of the side that you’ve got no way of knowing which way to go. If you are keen on the Tiges, perhaps Cleve Hughes at 247,600 would be your best bet for a bargain. Really tough.

St Kilda

Steven King (288,600): For me the ruckmen at St Kilda provide the value. Both King and Gardiner look like a million bucks. King at his peak is an All Australian ruckman and he is fit and with a point to prove. He’ll provide good service for the Saints this year. Doesn’t get a lot of contested ball so probably not an ideal choice as your lead ruckman.

Micheal Gardiner (175,100): Great value here. If this bloke stays on the field expect his value to rise to the high 300’s which is double. I wouldn’t have Gardiner and King in the same dream team however, that is pushing it a bit.


Barry Hall (424
,400): Perhaps a surprise bargain here. Until last season Barry Hall has been one of the most consistent dream team forwards going around but injuries and the new hands in the back rule saw him fall back a bit. His value is about 200k down from what it was last year but a full pre-season from the power forward should see him start to return the numbers of old.

Martin Mattner (381,200): Martin will be given a new lease of life and a licence to run at his second club. Second club players can be a good get and I believe that Mattner (and Steven King) represent the best value of the second club players. Expect plenty of touches for Mattner in the coming season off the half back line.

West Coast

Shannon Hurn (359,900): A defender who will also spend time in the middle is a bargain at this price. Hurn can also kick goals so at eight points a pop he should be an automatic selection.

Jamie McNamara (116,400): McNamara can expect to play a larger role at the Eagles this year and at 116 this guy is a good get. An additional midfielder gets his chance this year at the Eagles and McNamara has moved up the pecking order. A good bench player for your midfield.

Western Bulldogs

Not seeing too much value in the Pups. Cameron Wight at 197k and Tim Callan at 137k have some appeal but Supercoach has quite rightly put heavy price tags on many Bulldog players as the team tends to have a high possession game style.

Good luck in your Supercoach. Unfortunately, you can’t have all of the players above and the guns as well. God knows I’ve tried! (I’m in three leagues already).


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