This week’s Play of The Week goes to the almost goal by Dale Thomas. The Magpies had fought back in the last quarter and led the Saints by three points. They had the momentum but there was still five minutes on the board and the Saints needed a win. It took this single bit of brilliance from young gun Dale Thomas to put the Pies ahead two goals and basically seal the match. The supporters were jumping out of their seats with the thought that the Pies were going to win and they had just witnessed the goal of the year. Little did they know the boundary umpire had called it out of bounds, as the supporters started to realize the fact it wasn’t actually a goal a loud moan of boo’s surround the ground. For the record only minutes later Dale Thomas received a free kick and slotted the goal, it may not have been as special but it got the result and the pies went on to win by 9 points. Continue reading for footage of the almost goal!